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Link exchange with the external independent websites having similar content like, astrology, horoscope, tarot, numerology, psychic, dream and self improvement is our priority. We are interested in exchanging link with the irrespective websites having quality topics. This will satisfy viewers inquisitiveness and simultaneously increase importance of the web as a beautiful world and a dependable place of resources. Facilitating the process, we have chosen some of the important subjects of diversity herein. The categories are as follows:-

  1. Astrology, horoscope, psychics, tarot read more .....


Any website can exchange URL with us. Please read below our simple and succinct policy to exchange link with the external websites.

  1. Quality content gets priority for linking.
  2. Direct i.e. site to site linking is preferred.
  3. Websites, willing to exchange link should have a definite URL for reciprocation.
  4. The link page should have direct navigation from the homepage.
  5. The link page of irrespective category should have a minimum page rank from Google.
  6. Links once exchanged, must be stable from either sides. Removal of a link is subject to sending information.
  7. Change of page URL should either be informed or to be redirected.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse any proposal of linking unless that fits our criteria.

Why to link with us?

  1. We have easy page navigation, where viewers can enjoy one click passage to any page.
  2. It has attractive design with robot friendly SEO.
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  4. The site has viewers from more than 250 countries in the world.
  5. Parental control will not be required as people of irrespective age, creed and sex can view altogether.
  6. This is one of the best websites of Indian astrology.
  7. It has ever increasing number of loyal visitors.
  8. We offer qualitatively indispensable free service, known as lucky days.
  9. We exercise very sincere and honest policy with the link partners.

How to link with us?

If you would like to participate in link exchange please follow the steps below and place our link on your website. You may connect us as:-

Title: Astrology Indian Horoscope, Hindu Numerology - Astrocopia
Description: Astrocopia predicts free Indian astrology, Hindu horoscope and numerology online. Daily job love business, Zodiac Sun Moon rising sign and services.

Step 1: Link our site.

Step 2: After inclusion of Astrocopia in your page, please do send us your URL along with site information with preferred category. Rest assure, we will add your site as soon as possible and you will be informed accordingly.

One way link inclusion policy

We also provide one way link to the websites having outstanding content of human need. In this context, we select the sites fulfilling day to day human necessities of our global society. We encourage people suggesting such websites to us for consideration of one way linking. This we feel this as a noble service to the public. Moreover, we reserve the right to qualify any site or sites to offer one way link from us.

On the other hand, any website can include URL of us into their own provided they like the content of it. We permit to each and every website to link to us. We are grateful to the websites offering us one way link and simultaneously invite them to submit their links for reciprocation.

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