Picture of Mars, Northern Light in Norway

God of the Mass

Sand image of *Ganesh or Ganapati on the sea-beach at Puri, India

*Ganesh or Lord Ganapati is considered as the God of Mass as nurtured in Hindu philosophy is being depicted by Elephant which has more powerful memory than any other animals. Ganesha was the fastest writer, who helped Saint Bhrigu writing down the history of astrology very rapidly while it was narrated by God himself in the mind of the saint and he was uttering to Ganesha to write. Moreover, the page incorporates a variety of unique pictures. In this context viewers may read earth information which highlights analysis of Vedic sign and behavior of the planets.

Some unique pictures taken by NASA

Planet under 3 SunsEntrance of Sunlight

Discovery of a planet with 3 Suns - Entrance of sunlight into the Earth

Red Soil in MarsWater exists in Mars

Red surface of Mars, NASA - Existence of water in Mars, NASA

Discovery on an aircraft

Discovery on the back, Way to home

Discovery arrived in space station

Discovery on the back, Reached home

Northern Light, Aurora in the winter sky of Norway

Northern light, winter sky of Norway Northern light, winter sky of Norway Northern light, winter sky of Norway Northern light, winter sky of Norway Northern light, winter sky of Norway Northern light, winter sky of Norway

What is Northern Light?

Northern light is also known as aurora whhich is available to observe in Norway as well as in some parts of North America. Northern light is visible exclusively during the clear night of peak winter, when various colors of light will be seen in the sky making a panoramic view. Northern light occurs mostly in the magnetic zone of north pole. This zone extends over northern parts of Scandinavia which includes Iceland and some southern parts of Greenland and continues over northern Canada, Alaska and Siberia. Northern light forms when large numbers free electron stream originated from the Sun rush in nature towards the magnetic field of Earth at a very high speed and collide with air particles. As a result, the air lights up like in a fluorescent light after oxidation with atmospheric oxygen. The colours of collision reflect like gases which we find in the form of light of different colors like blue, red, yellow, green and violet as well. The violet color forms due to the presence of gaseous nitrogen, whereas oxygen help produce red color respectively. Finally, it is the Sun itself which holds the ultimate control of the formation of aurora. This is common beliefe that charged particles of the Sun assembles in magnetic field of the Earth very easily and well visible during clear night of winter. More research is going on northern light about its source of happening and ultimate fate. In this webpage, viewers will find six images of northern light which were duly published several years back in Aftenposten.no, a local daily in Oslo, Norway.

Existence of water is possible in each and every planet except the Sun and the Uranus.
- Asish Kumar Das