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Privacy Policy, Astrology Horoscope Services

Privacy policy of protects clients information from spamming. We offer free service of astrology but, never take confidential data. emerged in the month of April, 2007 as a trusted website of Indian astrology. The website provides the most serious and useful astrological information along with the most comprehensive coverage. Most of the information here in this website is completely free to our honorable viewers. We by the grace of God, promise to satisfy the needs of all sorts of astrological information and guidance most effectively. The policy may get reviewed from time to time with the addition of new services.

  1. provides the highest importance to keep members information secured and confidential.
  2. ensures that no mal-practice will be performed or entertained from the output of the horoscope result and predictions for any member directly or indirectly except for the explicit purpose of communicating the member concerned.
  3. does not sell or share personal information of the members.
  4. never sends any unnecessary email to our users in the form of sales promotion or email marketing.

Client information we collect

We collect the following information during registration to offer our free service.

  1. Name in full
  2. Date of birth
  3. Day of birth
  4. Time of birth
  5. Place of birth
  6. City of birth
  7. Country of birth
  8. Email

Personal Information - We may collect

We love to maintain transparency in every step of our work, neither we nor any member will feel uncomfortable with us. We may collect physical address of our paid members if at all necessary, while delivering letter through post.

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

We are vowed to provide always the best of our service to our paid members. Members need to pay for our services as described in relevant page of the site. If at all, we could not provide service on time; rest assured that your money will be refunded in full without any deduction. In such case, members should allow us the minimum possible time for the processing of refund.

Astrology can soothe all the Impulses of an Inquisitive Mind.
- Asish Kumar Das