Astrocopia Contact, Read Checklist

  1. Regarding this website content and time of publicizing updates, viewers may get to know about those query in FAQ.
  2. Purchase of astrological service is possible here and viewers may read about our comprehensive services before proceeding.
  3. The following form could be used to contact us for advertising inquiry and business proposal.
  4. The following form could also be used for the purpose of link exchange as well as the matters of social media.
  5. Personal horoscope is judged against payment with assurance of customer's compliance. Buyers want to buy personalized service may use the following form to send us details of their birth profile, like; Date, Time and Place of Birth for the necessary work.
  6. This website contains tons of free astrological services for every viewer, but in addition, if anybody needs personalized service must pay our requisite charges. Otherwise, the following form will decline to send your query to us.
  7. The following form could be used for other queries as well.

Contact Form


Alternative ways to contact us

We prefer our customers should contact us through email instead of telephone. User willing to buy our service may send email describing their requirements. We strongly suggest our customers not to make any payment before getting our confirmation for any astrological consultancy from us. We could also be connected through different social media as stated below.

Linkedin: pub/asish-kumar-das/b/636/23b
Facebook: astrocopia
Twitter: astrocopia
Skype: astrocopia

Telephone contacts

Discussion over telephone could be done in times of dire necessity of the clients. Viewers will find two telephone numbers below, out of which I will be available in either of the following numbers.

Telephone number (Norway): +47 93842315
Telephone number (India): +91 9674100309