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Rising Sign Horoscopes 2021

Rising sign horoscope, Vedic ascendant horoscopes or lagna horoscope predicts free annual health, job, love online by Indian astrology. Vedic lagna horoscope derives from rising sign astrology.

Aries rising sign horoscope, Ascendant Mesh Lagna 2021

Aries rising sign astrology predicts that health may decline in June and July and anxiety might increase. Spouse will have good health but, expensive life. Love life remains congenial. Job situation improves. Success in politics is assured. Income remains satisfactory. Expenditure might increase.

Taurus rising sign horoscope, Ascendant Virsha Lagna 2021

Taurus ascendant horoscope forecasts that health will remain well, but stress and strain will increase a lot. Spouse may have declining health. Love life might suffer on account of health. Career may not remain up to the mark. Business may trail. Income may not keep pace with the expenditure. Expenditure might become a cause of concern.

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Gemini rising sign horoscope, Ascendant Mithun Lagna 2021

Gemini rising sign astrology predicts that health remains fine except the month of April. Spouse enjoys good health and prosperity. Conjugal life regains charming. Career might demand distant trip. Business situation will improve significantly. Income remains steadily satisfactory. Expenditure will be in control.

Cancer rising sign horoscope, Ascendant Karkat Lagna 2021

Cancer ascendant horoscope forecasts that health exists vibrant. Love life blossoms. Spouse will have good health. Children might have poor health and medical supervision might be required. Pending issues of separation and divorce should get settled within November. Command exists in the working field. Business shines gradually. Income will increase a lot. Expenditure causes no headache.

Leo rising sign horoscope, Ascendant Singha Lagna 2021

Leo rising sign astrology predicts a gainful year ahead. Health remains vibrant. Spiritual inclination remains high. Spouse enjoys good health. Love life remains rosy. Kids may have declining health. Job situation remains amazing. Business turns better. Income remains satisfactory. Expenditure might increase.

Virgo rising sign horoscope, Ascendant Kannya Lagna 2021

Virgo ascendant sign horoscope predicts that health remains well. Spouse enjoys good health. Love life seems to remain rosy. Extra marital affair is seen. Health of kids will cause no concern. Employment field remains in command. Business runs very satisfactory. Income exists high. Expenditure prevails reasonable.

Libra rising sign horoscope, Ascendant Tula Lagna 2021

Libra ascendant horoscope predicts that health may not run well. Spouse will have good health but, stressful life. Love life seems satisfactory. Command exists in employment. Business runs fine. Income brings satisfaction. Expenditure will increase a lot.

Scorpio rising sign horoscope, Ascendant Vrishchik Lagna 2021

Scorpio rising sign astrology predicts that old diseases may relapse to trouble health. Spouse will enjoy good health, but with increased anxiety. Love life trails. Job situation remains steady. New job may not appear this year. Business may not run satisfactorily. Income seems to run satisfactorily. Expenditure increases a lot.

Sagittarius rising sign horoscope, Ascendant Dhanu Lagna 2021

Sagittarius rising horoscope predicts that health will not be a cause of concern. Victorious time will continue. Spouse will have good physique and career. Romantic life draws pleasant picture. Working field remains satisfactory. Business runs vibrant. Incomes runs steadily high. Expenditure reduces significantly.

Capricorn rising sign horoscope, Ascendant Makar Lagna 2021

Capricorn ascendant horoscope indicates good health altogether. Spouse will also enjoy good health. Conjugal life prevails rosy. Career field remains in order. Command over business is ensured. Income increases in April, May and December. Expenditure reduces significantly.

Aquarius rising sign horoscope, Ascendant Kumbha Lagna 2021

Aquarius Vedic ascendant horoscope predicts that health exists vibrant. Spouse enjoys good health. Love life remains charming. Employment field shows a new horizon. Trade runs awesome. Income brings more satisfaction since, April. Expenditure will remain in a fluctuating mode.

Pisces rising sign horoscope, Ascendant Meen Lagna 2021

Pisces Vedic rising horoscope focuses a comfortable health. Victorious time exists altogether. Spouse also enjoys good health. Love life remains satisfactory. Children will enjoy better health. Job condition exists fine, but may trail after, March. Trade venture brings assured profit. Income increases significantly. Expenditure will not bother.

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