Rising Sign Horoscope 2019, Free Vedic Ascendant Horoscope

Aries Rising Sign Horoscope, Mesha Lagna Ascendant Horoscope 2019: Aries Vedic ascendant horoscope predicts that health will be no issue along with a note of further improvement since, April. Health may decline in June and July. Spouse too, will have good health. Love life may seem to be congenial. Those entrusted in sports and games may mark the year as a milestone. Income remains satisfactory. Expenditure will exist high. Overall improvement would be seen throughout the year.

Taurus Rising Sign Horoscope, Vrisha Lagna Ascendant Horoscope 2019: Taurus ascendant horoscope forecasts that health will remain well along with vigor and vitality. Health may trail in September. Spouse will be enjoying sound physique. Pending issues of separation and divorce will get settled before, November. Love life may improve in March and April. Sports will get a new height of improvement until, March. Income will increase in January. Expenditure will not bother.

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Gemini Rising Sign Horoscope, Mithuna Lagna Ascendant Horoscope 2019: Gemini Vedic ascendant horoscope predicts that health will remain fine; however stress, strain and anxiety may mar life since, April onward. Health of spouse might become the cause of big concern. Conjugal life may lose its charm gradually. Love life may not remain congenial. Enmity in the working field may not be ruled out. Business may trail. Income remains steady and will increase in February and March respectively. Expenditure may not remain in control.

Cancer Rising Sign Horoscope, Karkata Lagna Ascendant Horoscope 2019: Cancer rising horoscope forecasts that health will start to improve gradually since, April along with appearance of a victorious phase of time. This will be a fantastic year for overall progress and prosperity. Stress and strain will disappear. Love life will blossom. Extra marital affair might increase. Spouse too will have good health and prospect. Income will increase a lot. Expenditure will not cause any headache.

Leo Rising Sign Horoscope, Simha Lagna Ascendant Horoscope 2019: Leo rising horoscope predicts a gainful year ahead. Health will remain vibrant. All the obstacles on the way to luck will disappear before, April. Spouse too, will enjoy good health. Love life remains rosy. Job situation remains commendable. Income will remain high along with further increment after, March. Expenditure will not be a cause of concern

Virgo Rising Sign Horoscope, Kanya Lagna Ascendant Horoscope 2019: Virgo ascendant horoscope predicts that health will remain fine. Sense of spirituality might increase remarkably after, March. Spouse too, will enjoy good health; however income may not be satisfactory. Love life seems to remain rosy. Health of kids will improve since, April along with commendable success in study. Income remains steady, but may not be satisfactory. Expenditure will not become a headache.

Libra Rising Sign Horoscope, Tula Lagna Ascendant Horoscope 2019: Libra Vedic horoscope predicts that physical condition will remain well and might be in the best of its form. Health may decline in September. A victorious time will be initiated since, April. Spouse will have good health as well as satisfactory income. Love life seems to be satisfactory. Income remains highly satisfactory after, March. Expenditure will not be a cause of concern.

Scorpio Rising Sign Horoscope, Vrischika Lagna Ascendant Horoscope 2019: Scorpio Vedic ascendant horoscope predicts that health will remain well except the months of June and July respectively. A lot of positive change regarding health, will be seen since, April. Spouse will enjoy good health and prosperity. Love life remains satisfactory. Job situation remains satisfactory. New offer of employment could be expected in August and September. Income remains steadily satisfactory. Expenditure will increase a lot since, April.

Sagittarius Rising Sign Horoscope, Dhanu Lagna Ascendant Horoscope 2019: Sagittarius rising horoscope predicts that health may not remain well and might become the cause of the biggest concern since, April until, November. Medication will be necessary. Spouse will have good physical condition; however stress, strain and anxiety will increase a lot after, March. Love life will remain satisfactory in the first quarter. Income remains steady. Expenditure might become a real headache since, April onward.

Capricorn Rising Sign Horoscope, Makar Lagna Ascendant Horoscope 2019: Capricorn ascendant horoscope focuses poor health and vitality until, March. Serious medication might be needed against parasitic infestation. Spouse may not enjoy good health due to increased stress and strain until, April. Income will increase remarkably until, October. Expenditure will reduce in the second half.

Aquarius Rising Sign Horoscope, Kumbha Lagna Ascendant Horoscope 2019: Aquarius Vedic ascendant horoscope focuses a victorious year. Health will be noticed in the best of its form. Spouse too, will enjoy vibrant health. Love life remains charming. Income remains satisfactory and will increase further since, November. Expense will not bother.

Pisces Rising Sign Horoscope, Meena Lagna Ascendant Horoscope 2019: Pisces Vedic rising horoscope focuses a comfortable going along with further development since, November. Health will not be a big issue; however will improve further after, October. Spouse will also enjoy good health. Love life remains satisfactory. Children will enjoy better time along progress in study since, April onward. Income remains steady; however may not be satisfactory. Expenditure might increase in November and December respectively.

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