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Money Nature of Zodiac Sun Sign

Astrocopia predicts free nature of money or liking of money by different Zodiac Sun signs. Stellar choice of money nature online by Indian astrology.

Aries nature of money

Aries money rests on Uranus and Venus. Uranus fetches income whereas Venus saves wealth. Static or fixed mode of finance is liked and orthodox about money.

Taurus nature of money

Taurus money depends on Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter brings income and Mercury helps in deposit. Dual or common mode of finance is preferred and rational in finance.

Gemini nature of money

Gemini money lies on Mars as well as on the Moon. Mars stands for income whereas the Moon initiates savings. Motile or movable mode of money accepts and liberal to money.

Cancer nature of money

Cancer money rests on Venus and the Sun. Venus brings income and the Sun saves wealth. Fixed or static mode of money is preferred and very rigid about money.

Leo nature of money

Leo money lies on Mercury for income as well as savings. Common or dual mode of finance is liked and logical to money.

Virgo nature of money

Virgo money based on the Moon and Venus. The Moon fetches income and Venus deposits. Motile mode of finance is preferred and very extravagant.

Libra nature of money

Libra money lies on the Sun and Mars. The Sun brings income and Mars deposits wealth. Fixed nature of finance is their liking and orthodox in money matter.

Scorpio nature of money

Scorpio money depends on Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury fetches income and Jupiter stands for savings. Common mode of finance is their choice and judicious in money.

Sagittarius nature of money

Sagittarius money is based on Venus and Saturn. Venus brings income whereas, Saturn saves wealth. Motile or movable mode of finance is preferred and lenient in finance.

Capricorn nature of money

Capricorn money lies on Pluto and Uranus. Pluto is accountable for income whereas Uranus saves the earning. Static mode of finance is their choice and are very orthodox to money.

Aquarius nature of money

Aquarius money rests on Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter stimulates income and Neptune saves. Dual nature of money inflow is liked and reasonable in expenditure.

Pisces nature of money

Pisces money lies on Saturn and Mars. Saturn fetches income whereas Mars saves. Movable mode of finance is preferred and are very spendthrift.

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