Medical Astrology, Autism IVF Narcolepsy

Medical astrology analyzes diagnosis of disease with the help of Vedic science that projects effect of planets on human body. According to medical astrology, planets in their position of exaltation or debilitation with respect to rising sign cause diseases. The Sun and the Moon are the two important factors in a medical horoscope; besides rising sign to diagnose disease. Medical astrology prioritize the Sun in the horoscope of a male and the Moon in female justifying strength and weakness respectively. Medical astrology reports Autism, IVF, narcolepsy and surgery in the light of Indian astrology online which may help medical treatment effectively.

Medical Astrology and Body Organs

Medical astrology projects astral features of a human body beginning with the analysis of different organs with respect to its dependence on different planets. In the sketch aside, our body is segmented into 12 parts and their controlling planets. We will now start to learn the 12 classifications of human body and the planets concerned to act over those and the nature and feature of the planets with respect to the corresponding organs of our body.

  1. Head and Brain: Mars
  2. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat: Venus
  3. Heart and Lungs: Mercury
  4. Hands: Moon
  5. Upper abdomen: Sun
  6. Lower abdomen: Mercury
  7. Genital organs - Venus
  8. Rectum and Anus: Pluto and Mars
  9. Thigh: Jupiter
  10. Knee: Saturn
  11. Leg: Uranus and Saturn
  12. Feet: Neptune and Jupiter
Human body outline

Mars: Head, Brain and Blood

In medical astrology, maturation of brain and blood remain under the influence of the planet, Mars. Although blood has no access into the brain according to medical science, but it has tremendous influence directly or indirectly on it. Thus, afflicted Mars causes disease in brain cells. Mars stands for grey-matter of our brain in which Mercury, the intellect works. However, whether the Mercury will be able to remain active in the brain, or not; that depends, exclusively on the Sun, as the Sun supplies energy to be activated. Thus, the Sun plays the most vital role in medical science remain as the key factor behind the action of every planet. Mars also creates bone marrow within the bones; thus, Mars produces blood cells with the help of Saturn or metals. Medical astrology says, Mars and the Saturn in a perfect harmony, augment production of quality blood in human. It is seen that a man with an optimum level of quality blood remains calm and cool in nature and passes a soothing life and on the contrary, give rise to an irritating and eccentric life.

Venus: Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat and Genital organs

Medical astrology indicates Venus performing two types of functions in human body; Type I and Type II respectively. Venus in affliction causes obesity, ocular, auricular, glandular and sexual disease.

In type I activity, Venus takes care of our eyes to facilitate vision, auricle for hearing, smelling power, throat and glands. Minerals, which float easily in blood stream may cause damage in the eyes and in extreme level and even may bring about the disease of blindness. Therefore, while administering mineral supplementation necessary precaution has to be taken to combat with its negative or adverse effects on eyes. In this context, mineral supplementation through the organic sources are much more rational, safe and bio-available for human than the inorganic sources.

In type II activity, Venus takes care of maturation of sex organs, normal secretion of growth hormones and proliferation of sex cells. In type II activity of the Venus, heat contradicts its normal activity by the combustion of sex cells which has the secondary adverse or toxic effect on human-brain. If this cycle of abnormal activity goes on continuously may give rise to obesity.

Mercury: Heart, Lungs, Skin and Lower abdomen

In medical astrology, Mercury is the indicator of life as it allows air to get into the lungs after birth of a baby. Mercury stimulates the nervous system as soon as the baby comes out of womb and sends impulse to all the organs of the body to initiate actions which, as a result, causes a tremendous thrill into the body that makes the baby cry. Mercury is the only causative as well as the remedial factor of all the diseases.

Mercury has tripartite mode of action in our body. Heart muscle has three layers; endocardium, myocardium and pericardium. Similarly in skin anatomy there are three layers, outer protein layer, middle fat layer and the inner protein layer. Mercury firstly, inflows oxygen and eliminates obnoxious gases from our body; secondly consolidates the benefits of oxygen into our body and finally, restores the normal function of lower abdomen for the absorption of food nutrients and elimination of waste products, thus stimulates the immune system to maintain the normal health. Mercury acts as a balancing factor to strengthen immune system, controls inflow of oxygen into the body and keeps bile secretion remain in optimum level and finally keeps secretion of phlegm normal to facilitate respiratory system. Mercury has direct impact on the grey matter and central nervous system (CNS) in our head. Mercury controls our heart and lungs, lower-abdomen, skin and the nervous system of our physique. Mercury is responsible for the basic cause of skin disease. Besides skin, Mercury has direct control over the maturation and action of white blood cells or leukocytes in our body and while in affliction may cause imbalance in the production of leukocytes which as a result may cause vitiligo (white disease) in the skin and even may cause leukemia which is commonly known as blood cancer.

Moon: Hands and Mind

According to astrology, Moon controls our mind and hands. Moon stands for the symbol, water. Water content of our body is in direct control of the Moon. Besides, Moon is the controller of our mind and all its effects are related to psychiatric diseases. Moon is responsible for pain in our body. Body pains are primarily of two types, due to lack of water and the other is due to excess of water. The first type of pain troubles us due to lack of water, when the Moon comes closest to the Sun, during the time of new Moon. The second type of pain causes due to excess content of water, more than optimum level, which happens during the time of full Moon. Autism has gradually become widely known in our global society which is a lunar disease.

Sun: Upper abdomen

Astrology indicates, upper abdomen enjoys maximum influence of the Sun in human body. Upper abdomen is the zone where food liberates its energy with the help of pancreas. Pancreas is the organ which produces insulin for the assimilation of sugar in blood. Adverse effect of the Sun causes various diseases which includes narcolepsy and insomnia as well.

Pluto and Mars: Large Intestine, Rectum and Anus

Medical astrology indicates, large intestine or colon is influenced by Pluto. Large intestine is the final storage of water as well as unused liquidated food stuffs where absorption of water takes place mainly to maintain balance of water in human body. As we know Pluto, due to its eccentric movement is a highly sensitive planet to heat and cold, likewise muscular movement of large intestine increases with the increase of temperature. This could be experienced easily with the intake of hot tea or coffee in the morning which helps us a prompt evacuation.

Jupiter: Thighs

Medical astrology says, Jupiter is the life initiating planet to earth. Thighs are the parts influenced by the Jupiter in human body.

Saturn: Knees and Bones

Medical astrology guides, knees are the parts in human body which enjoy maximum influence of Saturn. Saturn is responsible for the management of all sorts of metallic components in human body. Saturn helps for the formation of bones, cartilages and blood cell in human body. It is only iron and oxygen, provides the red color of blood. Among the metals, iron has the highest affinity to come in contact with oxygen.

Uranus: Legs

Medical astrology guides that legs, particularly the calf muscles are the parts resemble the function of Uranus in a human body. Uranus in co-operation with the Saturn takes care of our legs. The most important function of Uranus is to maintain gaseous balance mostly derived from anaerobic respiration within the calf muscles in legs of our body.

Neptune: Feet

Medical astrology guides that feet represent the part of our body, which enjoy influence of Neptune in human body. Neptune along with the help of Jupiter take care of our body by eliminating obnoxious fluid and gases through the feet.

How medical astrology diagnose diseases?

Medical astrology may elevate symptomatic medical treatment by proper diagnosis of the diseases and recovery; thus reduces cost of medical treatment in health care. Doctors having knowledge of astrology can presume the diseases of its patients, thus diagnose correctly and prescribe the right medicine. This happens frequently that while coming to a doctor, patients often forget to tell the most important symptom or part of discomfort of the diseases, but knowledgeable doctors can understand those untold sufferings to facilitate them the best remedy. This is how, medical astrology can elevate quality of treatment, retain reputation and save money.

What is the job of a medical astrologer?

Medical astrology helps finding out the diseases. Different planets have different factors of causing disease. Procedure of medical astrology is to diagnose diseases.

  • Astrologer finds out the phase of the planet through which the patient is running now.
  • The astrologer will identify the planet responsible for that particular disease.
  • Now, the astrologer will understand effects of that identified planet on the specific parts or organs of the patient's body.
  • Besides, the astrologer will take consideration of other planets might have supporting effects to cause the disease.
  • The astrologer should highlight the factors of the disease accordingly.
    For example, if the astrologer considers that the disease was caused by the Sun, a solar disease; then it must be understood that a particular disease has different mode of manifestation in different parts of the world. The Sun hardly showers uniformly on earth. As we know the equatorial region of the earth enjoys more sunlight than the polar regions; so a solar disease near equator would be caused due to excess of sunlight and the same disease will show different picture in the polar regions due to lack of sunlight. Therefore, a solar disease shows different symptoms in different parts of the world due to difference of topography, difference of climate and difference of food habits as well.
  • Finally, the astrologer will suggest remedies for the disease, which could be treated with natural medicines, chemical medicines and physical exercise as well. In case of treatment, the astrologer concentrates on the most important causative factors of the disease, the patient suffers from, which will ensure speedy recovery.
  • Last, but not the least, medical astrology can assess the span of life of a patient in case of serious condition. That means, when a patient is found in a very critical condition, a medical astrologer can predict whether the patient will survive or not. Even if the astrologer finds hope of survival, can predict the time of recovery.

Viewers may have a glance on benefits of astrology to know broader aspects of medical astrology for mankind.

Topics Related to Medical Astrology and Diseases


Medical astrology can analyze the causative factors of autism. Hyper-activity is the primary symptom of autism, which is a genetic character of the parents followed by the next generation, thus, autism is likely to the second generation genetic disease. Autism is clearly steered by the Moon. As the genetic characters hardly remain static, so autism is a manifestation of acquired genetic qualities. The recessive genetic factors of the parents manifest as a dominant character on their children, which gives rise to autism. The disease has a tremendous fluctuating mode of action on mind of the patients. Physical debility, mental retardation due to excessive stress or fatigue, pesticides used in agriculture and genetically modified food, ecological pollution and inadequate care before and during pregnancy might be the prominent factors which cause autism.

Medical astrology guides that the horoscope of any patient of autism the span of suffering time and less troubling time could be predicted. According to astrology, autism is not an absolutely curable disease but its period of ups and downs is predictable from the horoscope. While administering medicine, we should keep in mind that any drug on its persistent use brings about somatic or physical disorder. So, to avoid those hazards, controlled medicine could be administered on the day before the acute phase and on the day of acute phase and also on the day after the acute phase. Any particular day, may become critical to one or more patients, but never for every patient. This cycle of acute or critical phase rotates at least once in every 27 days, even during the better condition of any patient of autism. Thus, we can reduce usage of chemo-therapy or medicine and simultaneously can ensure minimum health risk to the patients. Meditation helps a lot to overcome the mild type of autism. Besides psychological problems, autism causes physical debilities and the following deformities are very common.

  1. speech problem which may begin with mild to moderate stammering and even complete dumbness
  2. Mal-function of respiratory system and heart, which has manifestation as timidity
  3. Abnormal digestive disorder and allied problems in GI tract
  4. Immaturation of the brain cells, which results in lack of intellect
  5. Hands without strength
  6. Weak immune system, as a result the patient may become susceptible to any disease
  7. Poor growth of the sex organs as well as proliferation of sex cells
  8. Lack of control on urination and evacuation
  9. Lack of growth of the thigh muscles
  10. Weak knees
  11. Slender legs
  12. Weak toes.

Any one of the above mentioned debilities is found common among the patients of autism and even more than one of the said complications are also possible. In a nutshell, autism is purely a lunar, but a semi-genetic disease. Medical astrology can help combat autism.


Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder causes due to sleeping disorder when our brain fails to regulate sleep-wake cycles. At various times throughout the day, people with narcolepsy experience instant urge to sleep which lasts for few minutes. In rare cases, some people may remain asleep for an hour or longer. All human being takes birth with a certain effect of angular sunlight, which entirely depends primarily on the position of the Sun during birth. Birth place creates a perfect macho on the person born, although that effect is not so fatal, but simply avoidable. Human eyes are functionally different in accepting sunlight from different angles. Sunlight coming from a particular angle may have soothing effect to the eyes of a particular person, but may not be equally soothing to everyone. This happens due to formation of different refractive index (RI) in different eyes. This might be due to structural difference of our body proteins. Narcolepsy is purely a solar disease, causes due to unequal distribution of heat or calorie throughout the body. Beverages with toxic effects are quite comfortable to cause narcolepsy. Insomnia is the output of narcolepsy.

Surgery and Diagnosis

Medical astrology indicates days are of two different groups, viz. solar days and lunar days respectively. Solar days have tremendous influence over the success of surgery. Tuesday and Saturday are to be discarded for any surgical operations, as the doctors get easily misguided with the planetary effects; as a result, the patients suffer. If, we go for investigation of the failure case-study of surgery, will find that the 99% of the failure cases were done either on Tuesday or on Saturday. Wednesday and Friday are auspicious for any surgical operation as well as for the diagnosis of diseases and even to start administration of new medicine.

IVF Treatment

In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF) is the mode of treatment which assists the childless couple or pair to get child. Medical astrology can help increasing success rate of the process. Pregnancy depends primarily on the planetary phase that the native passes through that takes the leading role in activation of the sex cells. But the phase of activation may come early for some people and may arise late for others. This is the reason we find people having early as well as late pregnancy. Further more, for some negligible percentage of people activation of sex cells is never possible if the planet responsible for sex cell activation is under malefic influence of other planet or planets. In this context we need to know the description of Vedic science, there are nine planetary phases which ranges from six to twenty years and the entire human being is roaming within it in an arbitrary manner. Moreover, the complete age of a human being is considered 120 years, as a cumulative figure of those nine planetary phases. Therefore, people those who get the active phase during the later part of their life and enjoy late pregnancy. As we know that sex cells are different in nature from the other or somatic cells of our body, so in case of late pregnancy when the sex cells got activated, but due to increase of age, the body cells may get degenerated causes obstruction on the way to attain pregnancy in the later part of our life. To overcome this difficulty, In-Vitro-Fertilization is adapted to facilitate late pregnancy. Heat and intra-body conducive environment are the key factors to get more and more success in IVF. A brief discussion of IVF has also been made in our glossary. Thus, medical astrology can guide us to augment success rate in IVF-Treatment by the following ways.

  1. Horoscope of the female partner, prediction could be made whether IVF treatment will be successful for her or not.
  2. Horoscope of the male partner, the phase of activation could be found out.
  3. If the two above factors are positive, prediction could be made for the most befitting time to undertake IVF treatment for the couple.

Congenital Immaturity

Congenital immaturity was my research in the astrology of medicine. Astrology tells that every human being takes birth with some immature parts in their body anatomy. Moreover, everybody possesses at least two immature zones in body, which may even be five in numbers. More or less those immature zones keep us busy with various diseases throughout our life. However, people having two immature zones maintain better health than the rests. Those congenitally immature parts of our body become the principal factors of our death in the long run. Congenital immaturity is such a natural phenomenon which cannot be resisted by any means. This proves once again that our precarious life is so dependent on the planetary influences. Congenital immaturity causes, when birth constellation gets saturated with respect to the quotient of solar and lunar day causes congenital immaturity, which is inevitable. Human being would remain immortal if all the constellations would remain always unsaturated. There is polar difference between saturated and unsaturated of the constellations with respect to solar as well as lunar day.

Astrology of Mr. Bill Gates - thighs are congenitally immature. Thus, astrology helps the field of medicine and treatment.

Besides medical astrology, viewers can read daily horoscope calculated from date of birth can be a source of unlimited joy.

Everybody has Congenital Immaturity at least in Two Zones in its Body.
- Asish Kumar Das, 16th September 2007