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Vedic Medical Astrology, Planets and Human Body

Free medical astrology and planets impact on human body. Planetary influence causes disease and diagnosis online by Indian astrology. Medical astrology analyzes planets in their position of exaltation or debilitation with respect to rising sign cause diseases. Besides rising sign, the Sun and the Moon are the important factors in a horoscope to diagnose disease. Medical astrology reports on Autism, IVF, narcolepsy and surgery in the light of Indian astrology online which may help medical treatment effectively.

Medical Astrology and Body Organs

Vedic medical astrology projects astral features of human beginning with the analysis of different organs with respect to its dependence on different planets. In the sketch aside, our body is segmented into 12 parts and their controlling planets. We will now start to learn the 12 classifications of human body and the planets concerned to act over those and the nature and feature of the planets with respect to the corresponding organs of our body.

  1. Head and Brain: Mars
  2. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat: Venus
  3. Heart and Lungs: Mercury
  4. Hands: Moon
  5. Upper abdomen: Sun
  6. Lower abdomen: Mercury
  7. Genital organs - Venus
  8. Rectum and Anus: Pluto and Mars
  9. Thigh: Jupiter
  10. Knee: Saturn
  11. Leg: Uranus and Saturn
  12. Feet: Neptune and Jupiter
Human body outline

Mars: Head, Brain and Blood

According to Vedic medical astrology, maturation of brain and blood remain under control of Mars. Although blood has no access into brain, but it has tremendous influence on it. Afflicted Mars causes disease in brain cell. The Sun is the key factor behind the action of every planet. Mars with the help of Saturn creates bone marrow; thus, Mars produces blood cell. Mars and the Saturn in a perfect harmony, augment production of quality blood in human. Quality blood gives medical benefits like, calmness and cool nature in human and on the contrary, give rise to irritating and eccentric life.

Venus: Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat and Genital organs

Medical astrology reading projects Venus, performing two types of functions in human; Type I and Type II respectively. Venus in affliction causes obesity, ocular, auricular, glandular and sexual disease.

In type I activity, Venus takes care of our eyes to facilitate vision, auricle for hearing, smelling power, throat and glands. Minerals, which float easily in blood stream may cause damage eyes and even may bring about blindness.

In type II activity, Venus takes care of sex organs, normal secretion of growth hormone, maturation and proliferation of sex cells. In type II activity of the Venus in conjunction with the Sun might cause combustion of sex cells which has toxic medical effect on human brain. If this abnormal cycle goes on continuously may give rise to obesity.

Mercury: Heart, Lungs, Skin and Lower abdomen

Astrology for medicine says, Mercury is the indicator of life as it allows air to get into the lungs after birth of a baby. Mercury stimulates nervous system. When a baby comes out of womb, Mercury sends impulse to all the organs of the body to initiate actions, which causes tremendous thrill into the body and that makes the baby cry. Mercury is the only causative and the remedial factor of all the diseases.

Moon: Hands and Mind

Moon controls our mind and hands. Moon stands for water and controls water content of our body. Besides, Moon is the controller of psychiatric diseases and is responsible for pain in body. Body pain is of two types; firstly, due to lack of water and the other is due to excess of water. First type of pain troubles when the Moon comes closest to the Sun during new Moon. The second type of pain causes during full Moon. Autism is a lunar disease.

Sun: Upper abdomen

Upper abdomen enjoys maximum influence of the Sun. Upper abdomen is the zone where food liberates its energy with the help of pancreas. Pancreas is the organ which produces insulin. Adverse effect of the Sun causes various diseases which includes narcolepsy as well as insomnia.

Pluto and Mars: Large Intestine, Rectum and Anus

Medical astrology indicates that large intestine or colon is influenced by Pluto. Absorption of water and liquidated foodstuffs take place in large intestine. Pluto, due to its eccentric movement is a highly sensitive planet to heat and cold. Likewise muscular movement of large intestine increases with the increase of temperature. This could be experienced easily with the intake of hot tea or coffee in the morning which helps us a prompt evacuation.

Jupiter: Thighs

Jupiter is the life initiating planet on Earth. Thighs are the parts influenced by the Jupiter in human.

Saturn: Knees and Bones

Knees are the parts of human body which enjoy maximum influence of Saturn. Saturn is responsible for the management of all sorts of mineral components in human body. Saturn helps formation of bone, cartilage and blood cell. Besides, Saturn provides iron and oxygen thus makes blood red in color.

Uranus: Legs

Legs, particularly the calf muscles are the parts resemble the function of Uranus in human body. Uranus in cooperation with the Saturn takes care of our legs. The most important function of Uranus is to maintain gaseous balance. Toxic gas formed by anaerobic respiration usually dispersed by the calf muscles of legs in our body.

Neptune: Feet

Feet represent the part of our body, which enjoy influence of Neptune. Neptune along with Jupiter exert medical benefit to our body by eliminating toxic fluid and gases through the feet.

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Everybody has Congenital Immaturity at least in Two Zones of Body.
- Asish Kumar Das, 16th September 2007