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Lucky Days of a Week by Birth Day

Lucky day, permanent lucky days of a week from day of birth. Fixed good days valid for lifetime given free online from Indian astrology. This was my discovery in 2014. The topic combines Vedic astrology and numerology. Viewers will come to know their lifetime permanent auspicious days of a week. Everyone will come to know their days of luck by selecting birth day in the calculator below. A calendar has been added to find out birth day easily. Enjoy! lucky days of a week.

How to know lucky days?

Favorable days of a week appear in a moment after, submission of birth day.

Lucky Days - Day of Birth

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How do I know my correct birth day?

According to western astrology, a day, change with the change of a date and that happens just after, midnight. Vedic astrology considers the beginning of a day is from the time of sunrise. Therefore, people born after, midnight; should select the earlier date as the birth day. Therefore, always mind your time of birth, if it is after, midnight the date will change, but the day remains same. Thus, we get an actual birth day and there will be four favorable days in a week remain constant for the lifetime.

Effects of permanent good days

  1. Lucky day brings memorable love affair.
  2. Important works could be accomplished with assured success.
  3. Students appearing for examination may expect success.
  4. A blessed day for a mother giving birth to her baby.
  5. A favorable day to undertake a C-section for cesarean birth.
  6. New home or house could be inaugurated.
  7. Exciting job might be offered.
  8. New job could be joined.
  9. New business project or factory could be inaugurated.
  10. Brings success in important meetings for business.
  11. Pending money may get realized.
  12. Memorable dating for the lovers having the same auspicious day.
  13. May help in diagnosis of disease for quick recovery.
  14. Delicious food might be tasted.
  15. Auspicious day makes the mind joyful with enthusiasm.
Besides permanent lucky days,
  1. Good year for work and money
  2. Favorable dates of a month
  3. Auspicious time
  4. Important days
  5. Astrological services
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- Asish Kumar Das, 07th April 2014