Permanent Lucky Days of a Week from Day of Birth

Permanent lucky days of a week by day of birth of a person predicts constant good days remain valid lifelong, was my discovery from Indian astrology in 2014. The topic was a combination of Vedic astrology and numerology. Viewers will come to know their lifetime permanent lucky days of a week. This information will make the users happy and contented. People are keen to know about their lucky days of a week. Now a concrete solution is at hand. Everyone can come to know lucky days by selecting their respective day of birth from the calculator below. If at all anybody cannot remember its birthday, can easily get it from the calendar. Enjoy! free weekly lucky days online.

How to know my lucky days of a week?

Your permanent lucky days of a week will appear in a moment after, selection and submission of day of birth. Viewers may also read lucky days in días de suerte and días de sorte as well.

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How do I know my correct day of birth?

Please be informed that according to western astrology, a day changes with the change of a date and that happens just after, midnight, but in Vedic, beginning of a day is considered from the time of Sun rise until, the moment before, Sunrise of the following day. Therefore, people, who born after, midnight; should select the earlier date as birth date to get the correct result. The work follows western system, whereas the result follows the Vedic system of prediction. Therefore, always mind your time of birth, if it is after, 24.00 or 00.00 at night the date will change, but the day remains same according to Vedic system. Thus, we can get the actual day of birth. According to Vedic astrology, there will be four lucky days in a week. Weekly lucky days act as a birth print throughout our lives.

Effects of permanent good days as emerge before us

  1. Outcome of incidents in such a lucky day will go in favor.
  2. Memorable affair may turn your life to a new direction.
  3. Important works could be accomplished with assured success.
  4. Students appearing to test or examination may expect success.
  5. A blessed day for a mother giving birth to her baby.
  6. A favorable day to undertake C-section for cesarean birth.
  7. New home or house could be inaugurated.
  8. New car could be made first drive.
  9. Exciting job offer may come to make your day.
  10. New job could be joined in such a lucky day.
  11. New business project or factory could be inaugurated.
  12. Good news may come for which you might be waiting for a long time.
  13. Important meeting for business will come out with success.
  14. Pending payments will be realized.
  15. Memorable dating for the lovers having the same lucky day.
  16. Correct diagnosis of disease may initiate early recovery.
  17. Tasty and delicious food will be added in the menu along with sound sleep.
  18. Finally, mind will be filled with joy and enthusiasm making life feel rosy.
Important tips on permanent lucky days
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  2. Lucky dates of a month
  3. Lucky time
  4. Important days
  5. Astrological services.
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- Asish Kumar Das, 07th April 2014