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Love Zodiac and Sun Signs

Astrocopia analyzes free love Zodiac, compatibility of the Sun signs astrology. Action, liking, disliking of love Zodiac online by Indian astrology.

Aries Zodiac and Love Compatibility

Aries love Zodiac rotates around the orbit of Libra and could be termed as Martian romance. This pair prefers; where heavy flow of fire is being chased by the fastest wind, thus; makes a flowery love match.

Taurus Zodiac and Love Compatibility

Taurus affair Zodiac depends on money, voice and liking of Scorpio. This love horoscope shows features of Mars and Pluto as well. This pair desires as if, hot and dry Earth waits thirstily for chilled water thus, makes a gorgeous love pair.

Gemini Zodiac and Love Compatibility

Gemini love liking banks on courage and starts from the choices of Sagittarius and could be termed as Mercurian romance. This pair grows, where flow of moderate air carries heat to fire, thus; initiates a courageous love pair.

Cancer Zodiac and Love Compatibility

Cancer love trusts on the desires of Capricorn, which is popularly known as Lunarian romance. Love relationship of this pair forms in association of the Moon with Saturn like, ruffled water runs to hard soil to get pacified, thus; forms an ideal love partner.

Leo Zodiac and Love Compatibility

Leo romance Zodiac rests on honor, ego and intellect as well as on the desires of Aquarius, which is known as Apollonian romance. The Sun, Saturn and Uranus make such a romance compatibility. A fixed source of fire emitting smoke and dust and the partner is on the receiving end, scavenging wastes steadily, thus; making an honorable love match.

Virgo Zodiac and Love Compatibility

Virgo romantic venture trusts on delicate feelings against all odds on the soil of courage, truth and likings of Pisces. This is a Mercurian romance. This compatibility of love forms in association with Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune respectively as if, mobile Earth runs to become soothed in touch with lazy stream of water, thus; creates a sensitively the best love pair.

Libra Zodiac and Love Compatibility

Libra love mission rests on sexual pleasure and likings of the Aries. This is Venusian romance, led by Venus, as if, heavy wind or storm blows frantically to extinguish the fire and creates a turbulently the best love pair.

Scorpio Zodiac and Love Compatibility

Scorpio romantic action depends on secrecy and on the liking of the Taurus. This relationship of romance incorporates features of the Mars, Pluto and Venus respectively. Chilled water soothes thirst of hot and dry soil thus, forms secretive and the best love partner.

Sagittarius Zodiac and Love Compatibility

Sagittarius Zodiac of love trusts on ethics, knowledge, logic, luck, religion, spirituality and choice of Gemini would be the principle fulcrum of this Jupiterian romance. This love compatibility is like, mild wind waits for moderate fire to gain more velocity on the way to its journey, thus; forms the best love pair.

Capricorn Zodiac and Love Compatibility

Capricorn love Zodiac rests on action and desires of the Cancer, is called Saturnian romance. This romance compatibility is like, the running Earth plunges into the troubled and ruffled water to search the ultimate satisfaction thus, create a vibrantly the best love match.

Aquarius Zodiac and Love Compatibility

Aquarius love philosophy rotates on meditation to Almighty. Besides, desire of Leo plays an important role in love compatibility. This is Saturno-Uranian romance. This combination is like a gas chamber is made to store ashes and smoke liberates from a fixed source of fire and makes a complimentary love pair.

Pisces Zodiac and Love Compatibility

Pisces school of affair depends on the ultimate knowledge of salvation or renunciation and likings of Virgo. This love horoscope is formed by Jupiter and Neptune. This compatibility forms in association with Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury respectively; as if, a lazy stream of water running towards a moderately mobile piece of soil to saturate it thus, creates fantastically a cohesive love match.

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