What is romance?

Love has many definitions; however majority believe that it is nothing but mental affinity which makes affair. General purview reflects that it is our basic instinct which propels our mind on the way to love. Human being consists of seven basic instincts, out of which one is the strongest and another is the weakest. Remaining five instincts ranges in between them in an arbitrary degree of strength. But when the strongest instinct of a person is found as the weakest quality in another person and vice versa, initiates liking between them. Such a liking makes them good friends and in the long run manifests as love. Therefore, romance appears after successful completion of the episodes, liking as well as friendship. In a nut shell, love is nothing but instinctual tie up between two persons, which initiates with mind and consolidates with instincts.

What is the role of destiny in affair?

Spirituality helps maturing the true love. Like every sphere of our lives, destiny casts its powerful verdict in affair also, which helps to mature love relationship. Although it is easy to say but difficult to concede this truth and further to implement it in life. But if, we can adapt this in our lives, life will simply be the easiest. Identical features of horoscopes in a couple can forecast success with conviction in affair.

When does true love appear in our life?

There is no hard and fast rule for the appearance of love in our lives. Affair may come at any time in the life of a person irrespective of age limit. Advent of love is so sudden and spontaneous that very few of us can presume it. Horoscope of a native can tell advent of romance. Lucky months for new love may help the lovers searching for love.

Does affair come once in life?

Affair can peep into our life many times with different colors, but must have single string of similarity in every cases. A favorable love year can bring the best love. There are people highly prone to fall in love and simultaneously another group exists, who are highly resistant to love. But there was neither any human being born under the Sun nor even would evolve, who never experienced love in life. Because, love is so natural that we can hardly ignore its presence in our life. Horoscope of a person can forecast when he or she will enjoy affair.

How long episode of an affair persists?

Episode of an affair may come to an end at anytime, but that is never applicable in case of the best combination of the couples. Horoscope of a couple can predict the tenure of an affair.

How to judge - Made for each other?

Indeed, it is just one person who is made for another. According to Indian astrology, complete age of human being is hundred and twenty years (120) and during this span of life a person travels through nine (9) phases of different planets with different span of time. The greatest factor is that a person, provided live up to the span of 120 years will surely meet its Soulmate at anytime during this whole span. It is quite possible that very few people in present world reach the complete age of 120 years, but simultaneously we need not to be worried for that because if a person can get the best planetary phase of its life at a very early stage, can build a successful life with the beloved soul mate, name and fame. This is how; celebrity is born with the grace of best phase of time in their individual horoscope at a very early stage of life. Therefore, celebrities are so few in numbers!

What is the ideal Zodiac of love compatibility?

Zodiac compatibility is the most important part of a horoscope of affair, where romantic features play the key role. Identical Zodiac sign between the couples is always desirable and proves to be the best. The following combinations of Zodiac signs are highly effective in love compatibility.

  1. Aries + Aries, Aries + Gemini, Aries + Leo, Aries + Libra, Aries + Sagittarius and Aries + Aquarius
  2. Taurus + Taurus, Taurus + Cancer, Taurus + Virgo, Taurus + Scorpio, Taurus + Capricorn and Taurus + Pisces
  3. Gemini + Gemini, Gemini + Aries, Gemini + Leo, Gemini + Virgo, Gemini + Libra and Gemini + Aquarius
  4. Cancer + Cancer, Cancer + Taurus, Cancer + Virgo, Cancer + Scorpio, Cancer + Capricorn and Cancer + Pisces
  5. Leo + Leo, Leo + Aries, Leo + Gemini, Leo + Virgo, Leo + Libra and Leo + Sagittarius
  6. Virgo + Virgo, Virgo + Taurus, Virgo + Gemini, Virgo + Cancer, Virgo + Leo, Virgo + Scorpio, Virgo + Capricorn and Virgo + Pisces
  7. Libra + Libra, Libra + Gemini, Libra + Leo, Libra + Sagittarius and Libra + Aquarius
  8. Scorpio + Scorpio, Scorpio + Taurus, Scorpio + Cancer, Scorpio + Virgo, Scorpio + Capricorn and Scorpio + Pisces
  9. Sagittarius + Sagittarius, Sagittarius + Aries, Sagittarius + Leo, Sagittarius + Libra, Sagittarius + Aquarius and Sagittarius + Pisces
  10. Capricorn + Capricorn, Capricorn + Taurus, Capricorn + Cancer, Capricorn + Virgo, Capricorn + Libra, Capricorn + Scorpio and Capricorn + Pisces
  11. Aquarius + Aquarius, Aquarius + Aries, Aquarius + Gemini, Aquarius + Libra, Aquarius + Scorpio and Aquarius + Sagittarius
  12. Pisces + Pisces, Pisces + Taurus, Pisces + Cancer, Pisces + Virgo, Pisces + Scorpio, Pisces + Sagittarius and Pisces + Capricorn

What are the important factors of a match?

Lot of factors contribute to build a perfect relationship in love affair between two persons and its successful accomplishment. This is only the horoscope of a pair can guide perfect affair and compatibility as well. Important factors are given below:-

  • Soul factor – This factor helps a couple to become soul mate to each other, which makes them inevitably the best friend to each other. Horoscope is the sole criterion to judge soul factor.
  • Identical Moon Sign – This factor helps a couple to build a solid mental affinity between each other, which ensures the longest relationship between them.
  • Possession of identical constellation by the Moon – This factor guarantees maximum satisfaction in sexual intercourse. We can not ignore that sexual pleasure is one of the most important factor to consolidate love life.
  • Identical or friendly Sun sign – This factor helps a couple to accomplish all the activities to accomplish relationship in love in a much organized manner which ensures success in their life.
  • Identical or friendly Ascendant sign – This factor controls health, which is certainly an unavoidable factor between the couples. Only identical horoscope of an affair can match it.

How to analyze match of same sex?

In case of female affair between identical sexes is known as lesbian, and for the male the terminology is homosexual or gay. Basic relationship either it is homosexual or hetero-sexual is always based on soul factor which remains forever in the form of friendship. Then again if the relationship is supported by mutual Moon signs, could be said that a successful and everlasting friendship will be assured.

What is happiness?

This basic question of happiness is nothing but placid, joyful as well as contented state of mind, which hankers nothing and simultaneously refrain the body to run after. Truly it is a continuous and life-long practice to adapt our mind on the way to philosophy of happiness. Only a matured love can give happiness.

How to become happy in conjugal life?

Everybody wants to become happy in conjugal life and every couple try to handle their relationship with due care, caution and attention. Despite this, unhappiness creeps into family to devastate it, which ends ultimately with separation and divorce. This is certainly not our motto while we enter into conjugal affairs. A lot of conventional sayings are there in this regard to sustain conjugal harmony, where most of the people believe that understanding and adjustment between the couples are the key factors along with unstained respect for each other makes conjugal life satisfactory and happy. Conjugal relationship while based on superficial concepts is always brittle. Most dangerous part of a love relationship is that if it is build on emotion and infatuation. Question may arise naturally, will there be no room for emotion in love? Most appropriate love answer is very simple, yes. Its emotion which initiates love, but only realization can sustain the relationship. But the reality is something different, which confirms and reconfirms repeatedly that without planetary signature of positivity over the conjugal relationship, couples get opportunity to respect or even adjust with each other.

How conjugal separation affects children?

Conjugal separation is simply devastating and unwanted by everybody having positive attitude in life. Children are worst affected by the incident of separation and divorce between the parents. As we know that any prolong habit or practice causes genetic change amongst living organism, that to in human being as well. Once the children find that parents are separated, that creates an ugly picture of life in front of them, which influence their tender mind at ease and destroys the finest quality of perception in them and thus cruelty infiltrates. Thereafter, when these children grow up and enter into love life, there is 100% possibility of the history to repeat itself. Such a feature is commonly known as family trend, which was proved many times before.

A girl loved a boy who left her later, Why?

This is a very practical question of love. Thank God, both are safe now! This could be said without any hesitation that, there was never a 100% love between them, rather both of them discovered a certain percentage of similarity in thoughts and views, which initiated the relationship. The analysis could be read as follows:-
We must believe in destiny first, before get into the analysis. If the girl is destined to be happy and contented in love life, so such a situation is definitely a great boon to you. The girl might have discovered 60% of romance compatibility in the boy, which helped the relationship to sustain for 6 years.
On the other hand, if the boy is destined to be happy in love life, the situation is surely a boon to him too. The boy might get more percentage of satisfaction with somebody else instead of this girl, so he ran after. You should also wait for your opportunity to come, who knows, you may get even the best partner later. Please be informed that 100% love score is hardly possible to break, and we all, driven by our instinct are running after that which is beyond imagination of our intellect. Therefore, we should trust in destiny as it casts the final verdict in the life of every individual.

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Love appears many times, but Soulmate comes once in Life.
- Asish Kumar Das