Love Features, Romance Characteristics

Love features analyzes planetary romance characteristics and Vedic features of romance astrology derived from Vedic astrology which analyses Sun signs extensively. Venus attributes versatile qualities in human and is considered the most important planet for romance; however any planet can steer the arrow of Cupid towards love depending on the possession of different signs. We need to understand the types of human being in this world before understanding affair. According to Indian astrology, human being with the domination of different planets are of seven types, viz. Apollonian, Lunarian, Mercurian, Venusian, Martian, Jupiterian and Saturnian respectively. While projecting love features, Apollonians are the class of people who remain in influence of the Sun, Lunarians in control of the Moon, Mercurians under domination of Mercury, Venusians under Venus, Martians under Mars, Jupiterians under Jupiter and Saturnians are guided by Saturn. Lucky months for true love may help the lovers searching for love. Free online best love features for all the Sun signs from Vedic astrology is furnished.

Apollonian Love Features

This type of romance characteristic remains under control of the Sun. In Apollonian love expression, the prime feature is considered as the intellectual tie-up which must be added with the sense of honor and self respect, but there is hardly any room for bashfulness and adventure. Leo astrology of affair is the manifesting feature of Apollonian romance.

Lunarian Love Features

This type of affair remain under control of the Moon. In Lunarian love, the principle factor is emotion, which plays under the coating of Platonic, artistic, academic and cultural sense, but there is hardly any intuitive factor to influence the Lunarians on the way to love. Cancer astrology of affair is the manifesting feature of Lunarian romance.

Mercurian Love Features

This type of affair is being attributed by the Mercury. The most important factors of Mercurian love are courage and resistance. Mercurians hardly believe in destiny in the sphere of love, on the contrary they cherish the philosophy of pragmatism. Gemini love astrology as well as Virgo astrology of affair are known to express Mercurian romance.

Venusian Love Features

This type of romance characteristics is being attributed by the Venus, and is considered as versatile in its style of manifestation. The most important factors of Venusian affair are its glamor and splendor. This was perhaps the Venusians, who taught the art of kiss to the rests. Venusians are perhaps the best lovers and their philosophy is based on spontaneity with full of showy manifestations. Venusians hardly indulge intellect or tricks in the game of affair; on the contrary they embrace emotion and perception to compliment romance. Please be informed that Venusians are more romantic than the lovers of rest of the groups. Taurus astrology of affair as well as Libra love astrology manifests Venusian romance.

Martian Love Features

This type of romance factor manifests with the help of the Mars. Intellect and intuition blends perfectly along with heroism to form a perfect Martian love. Martians hardly care for cultural or academic glamor in love life simultaneously dislikes praying for its success to Almighty. Aries astrology of affair as well as Scorpio love astrology are known to express Martian romance.

Jupiterian Love Features

This type of affair is rendered by the Jupiter. Philosophy of Jupiterian love is based on perfect righteousness or ethics, religious or piousness along with the art of salvation. Jupiterians like to have a romantic life to be filled with complete satisfaction to pave the way for meditation to achieve ultimate salvation. Sagittarius astrology of affair as well as Pisces love astrology manifests Jupiterian romance.

Saturnian Love Features

This type of romance attribute is rendered by the Saturn. Saturnian lovers are desperate or cruel to some extent and believe in extreme philosophy of affair. Saturnians hanker for extreme satisfaction in love life and hardly bother for any limitations or ethics to refrain them. Capricorn astrology of affair as well as Aquarius astrology of affair manifests Saturnian romance.

Love compatibility amongst different Zodiac signs

Astrology of affair indicates that identical Zodiac match forms the best love compatibility among the couples. Besides, the third, seventh, ninth, tenth as well as the eleventh combination assures the better romantic life. But, there are some factors of exception to be well understood before casting judgment of any conjugal match. An exhaustive discussion has been made about it in the page of love questions for better understanding of the viewers.

What is the role of Sex in Romance?

Sex always compliments love provided compatibility is ensured. In this context, we need to know that according to romantic astrology human being possess 14 types of male as well as female sex organs with unique physio-chemical constitution in their body. Moreover, those sex organs, in terms of compatibility are further classified into 4 different groups, as discussed below:-

  1. Hostile group
  2. Neutral group
  3. Compatible group
  4. Identical group

Please note that, affair between the hostile groups of sex organs has no fate at all, where longevity is almost zero. Secondly, when affair happens between the neutral groups, will be little better than the hostiles. Thirdly, affair between the compatible groups, carry more weight and ensures more longevity than the neutral and hostile groups. Affair between the compatible groups ensures more than 60% of its durability.

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