Love Calculator, Romance Meter - Birth Date

Love calculator predicts compatibility percentage from date of birth. It is a true love meter for romance match was my innovation from love astrology in 2013. Love calculator reads percentage of romantic pair by Indian astrology and numerology respectively. Besides, love horoscope by date of birth, analysis and success of romance factors are predicted here. Partners in Cupid arrow and know each other better when the affair matures in conjugal life. Besides Zodiac signs, romance calculator checks future of affair between a couple. Friendly Zodiac of the Sun signs between the pair ensures better sex compatibility. Enjoy free and the best love calculator by birth date available online.

How to get report from this love calculator?

The love report along with compatibility score will appear after, selection of date of birth. You may save time by selecting and submitting your birth number in the date section.

Besides, calculadora de amor as well as calculadora do amor are also available.

Love Calculator by DOB
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Love calculator predicts compatibility of match percentage

  1. This true love calculator has no limitation of reading.
  2. Couples can use this calculator before, and after, marriage as well.
  3. Besides hetero-sexual, homosexual love could also be judged.
  4. Gay as well as lesbian pairs can also use this romance calculator.
  5. Yearly love life, marriage and sex report by DOB
  6. Happy months for new affair by DOB

How will be my romance this year?

Besides annual love forecast and report of romance compatibility percentage, viewers can read very important lucky months of the year for new affair.

The Moon controls sexual pleasure in love life

Besides reading of love calculator, auspicious position of Moon in the horoscopes of a couple ensures mental unity and amazing sexual life. There are fourteen (14) types of genital organs available among the human being in the world and that has both; male and female types. The Moon while runs through different constellations forms different sex organs. Moreover, some of the sex organs are friendly to each other on the other hand, some are inimical as well as neutral. Therefore, identical or friendly Moon sign forms the most compatible sex organs between the couples and makes a time tested conjugal relationship calculator. The love calculator calculates numerical factors of conjugal harmony.

Important tips on romance compatibility
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  6. Service of romantic match percentage.
Venus brings the best color in love life.
- Asish Kumar Das, 12th May 2013