Leo Horoscope 2016, Zodiac Leo Horoscope

Leo July 23 - August 22

Leo horoscope begins with the fifth Zodiac sign, the second fiery as well as the second static or fixed Zodiac that extends from 120 degrees to 150 degrees. Leo astrology is symbolized by Lion, the king of animals. The Sun is the sole significator of Leo. The Sun represents Leo and initiates life on earth, being the ultimate source of energy. The Sun might not be an absolute static object, when it declines the cardinal zones of the Zodiac which brings about, change in weather. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and enjoys maximum heat to augment motility and represents honor and offspring in human life. Sun is the controller of Leo horoscope and has direct impact on blood serum and upper abdomen in human body. Auspicious position of the Sun in a Leo horoscope makes a person, intelligent, fair, healthy; moreover ensures name, fame and success. Leo signifies upper abdomen of the Zodiac body. Annual and monthly online Leo horoscope from Indian astrology are predicted. Enjoy! the best and free Leo horoscope.

Annual Leo Horoscope 2016

  • Leo Health will remain fine; however stress and strain may increase since, the month of February onward. The flow of prosperity may reduce a lot in comparison to the last year. Wealth may increase since, the month of August.
  • Leo Spouse might have trailing health and vital energy may diminish a lot. Medication against parasitic infestation might be required. Expenditure of spouse may increase remarkably this year; however income remains steady until, August 15.
  • Leo Love life should remain satisfactory this year excluding the months of October and November respectively. Appearance of new affair might not be possible.
  • Leo Children will have good health along with outstanding academic progress. Leo filial affection remains high until, the month of August. Couples opting for baby may find the month of November befitting for conception.
  • Leo Parents will have good health; however mother will have better health than father. Regarding finance, father and mother, both will be sailing in the same boat. Income of father remains satisfactory until, August. Economy of Leo mother might get stronger since, September.
  • Leo Job or employment field may not remain congenial. Possibility of getting new job might not be strong this year.
  • Leo Business health may start to trail since, the month of February onward; however profit remains steady until, August.
  • Leo Income remains satisfactory in the months of June, July and August respectively; however that might be much lower than last year.
  • Leo Expenditure will increase a lot. Expense might increase a lot in comparison to the last year.

Leo Horoscope = Sun sign + Moon sign + Rising sign + Planets signs

The Sun, Moon and rising signs are three important factors of a Leo horoscope, which might be identical as well as different too. If all those three factors are found identical in the chart of a Leo proves to be the native a very powerful and decisive person.

Analyzed features of Leo horoscope

Monthly Leo horoscope incorporates aspects of Leonian life like; health, vital energy, chronic disease, parasitic infestation, honor and recognition are highlighted. Leo money, wealth, success in academic field or higher studies are also given importance. Leo politics, gambling, spirituality and time for religious inclination is also pointed out. Leo love, spouse life partner, love life, conjugal bliss, extra-marital affair, separation and divorce are analyzed. Leo children or kids, filial affection, pregnancy, good month to conceive and time of conception for baby would be of great help. Leo parents and their health, father and his economy, paternal blessings, health of mother and time for increase of maternal affinity is focused. Leo finance, career, job situation or employment field, overseas venture, secret service, rewards from working field and distant missions are described completely. Leo business investment and profit will be of help. Leo earning or income and expense or expenditure is included.

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Monthly Prediction of Leo Horoscope

September 2016

Health will be no issue until, September 16; however the second half of the month may fetch more wealth. Academic and domestic situation may decline after, September 19. Stress and strain may prevail. Health of spouse may improve since, September 17. Comprehensive protection against parasitic infestation might be required. Economy of spouse may decline until, September 18. Love life remains vibrant in defiance of all odd. Appearance of new affair could be ruled out. Health and academics of children will become commendable gradually. Couples opting for baby, may not find this month befitting for conception. Parents will enjoy good health altogether. Economy of father will become stronger since, September 17. Mother will have good health and her financial situation will exist fine. Job situation may decline this month, but that will not hamper remuneration in any way. Chance of getting new job may not seem to be strong this month. Business will run satisfactorily and profit remains steady. Income, by the grace of God becomes satisfactory since, September 10. Expenditure will not be a big issue.

Important Reading of Leo Horoscope

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