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Job months predicts free job month, lucky months for new job by birth date. This ensure success also in present employment online by Indian astrology. This was my discovery from Vedic numerology in the year 2016. Auspicious months for job will be useful for job search. When will I get a job? Selecting birth date, candidates can get the right professional guidance. Enjoy, lucky months for new job.

How to know my lucky job months?

Lucky months for new job will appear after, selection of date, month and year of birth. Save time, use birth number in the date section. नौकरी के लिए भाग्यशाली महीने

New Job Months - DOB
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When should I get a job this year?

  1. Everyone will get minimum three to maximum five auspicious months to get a job.
  2. Any month can bring a job if, supported by personal horoscope.

What will the job months bring to us?

  1. Candidates can apply for a job in an auspicious month.
  2. Job seekers can appear for examination, test or interview.
  3. Candidates appeared for interview during a job month may expect good result.
  4. New job may knock your door.
  5. Employees may expect lift or promotion in the present employment.
  6. Anything related to work or career will be successful.
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Neither labor market nor economy, only destiny controls job life.
- Asish Kumar Das, 12th September 2016