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Job calculator predicts free annual job report by date of birth. The best career and employment horoscope online from Indian astrology. Job meter compliments career horoscope and employment success. Employment calculator was my discovery from Indian astrology in 2014. The job calculator provides annual employment report precisely and accurately. Job horoscope by date of birth projects future of the Government job seekers. Person from any corner of the World can use this calculator by respective birth date. Enjoy, the best job calculator.

How to get report from job calculator?

Job prediction will appear after, selection of date, month and year of birth. Save time, use birth number in the date section. नौकरी कैलकुलेटर

Job Calculator from DOB
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Professions predicted in the job calculator

Effort has been made to point out Government job. Professions focused are; aviation, transport and carrier, communication, tourism, foreign, commercial organization, health department, medical field, banking, financial organization, intellectual, manufacturing, teaching, housing, foodstuff, defense, security, sports and games, think tank, policy maker, secret service, detective or intelligence department, research and jobs in higher academic field respectively.

How will be my job luck this year?

Increase of salary and growth are considered the best factors of job luck, which depends on policies of Government and growth percentage of employment market. Perks and benefits of career are highlighted.

Benefits of employment are highlighted in job calculator

  1. A person can enjoy and celebrate its job as a mark of milestone or not.
  2. One can expect the unexpected promotion or demotion in job or remain monotonous.
  3. Effect of labor market remains steady or fluctuating.
  4. Relation with the employer and co-workers will remain friendly or inimical.
  5. Job calculator predicts whether secret enmity or sabotage may happen.
  6. Whether promotion or demotion may have to accept.
  7. Possibility of transfer may arise or not.
  8. Salary, perks and benefits will escalate and bring satisfaction or not.
  9. Opportunity in the Government job or in private sector.
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Saturn gives stability and satisfaction in career.
- Asish Kumar Das, 01st May 2014