Birth Number

Birth number from date of birth numerology online. Sum of date, month and year calculate a single number to form birth number. Therefore, the digits of date of birth while ends in a single number is called birth number. Numerology begins exclusively with the birthdate number which remains permanently fixed for every individual during its lifetime. Therefore, everybody under the Sun is attributed with a birthday number which ranges from one to nine. People with identical birth digit remains friendly to each other. Human being, knowingly or unknowingly is always guided by respective number of birth. Know your birth number free.

How to know birth number?

Number of birth could be known by entering date of birth in the given calculator. Birth number helps to enjoy forecasts of numerology.

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How to calculate birth number?

The work of numerology begins exclusively with the help of birth digit. This is a very simple addition of date, month and year respectively. Example: Charlie Chaplin was born on the 16th of April 1889, i.e. 16-04-1889, if we simplify it for summation will look like this 16+04+1889 or 1+6+0+4+1+8+8+9=37. Now, if we go for further summation of 37, i.e. 3+7=10 and in further step it comes, 10=1+0=1. That means, one is the final and single digit of the greatest comedian, Charlie Chaplin, hence, his number of birth is one. Moreover, one is the number of the Sun, which attributed him global fame. Birth number is permanently a fixed digit for every individual. It was my venture in numerology.

What is numerology?

Mathematical interpretation of astrology is called, numerology. Numbers are static but, astrology puts light on it for qualitative analysis and manifestation. Thus, numerology is the derivative of astrology; which express Zodiac features in a numerical way. Therefore, knowledge of astrology as well as mathematics is absolutely imperative to work on numerology. Alpha numeric combination is the basis of work to begin with, where the alphabets, A, B, C are numbered like 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

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Identical Number of Birth means, Good Similarity.
- Asish Kumar Das, 20th November 2018