Astrological Services by The Best Astrologer

The best astrological service of horoscope is rendered from Indian astrology with assurance of quality, credibility and priority as well. The service is offered timely online to any corner of the world. Service we offer covers versatile human need. Services are:-

  1. Authentic, trusted and precisely useful.
  2. Acceptable to irrespective class of people.
  3. Forecasts of education, job and business.
  4. Forecasts of domestic situation and money.
  5. Forecasts of health condition and sports.
  6. Love life is predicted with sophisticacy.
  7. Forecasts describing risks and adventure.
  8. Span of time is specified for the couples to conceive.
  9. Time is specified to take up important projects.
  10. Unfavorable days alert to avoid important tasks.
  11. Numerological forecast of lucky birthday.
  12. The best of astrology is applied for customers compliance.

Service of Excellence is Assured Giving Value of Users Money

People say, we provide outstanding services of astrology and appreciations from the clients and celebrities set for perusal. The service is described below in a nutshell. The queries which are not covered here, could be included on report. Clients may buy services of their choice. Time required for delivering service a minimum period of 1 to 15 days, depending on the merit of the work. Clients must send their Date, Time, Place and Country of birth to get accurate prediction. All the correspondences are made through email, but other connectivities could also be used.

Free service includes information of Vedic Moon is available here.

Payment options are many. Please get our confirmation, before making any payment. Price of the services are in U.S. Dollar.

USD$ 110 (optional) will be charged as maintenance service per year.

Service in General Queries

What is my Vedic Ascendant or Rising sign?$4.50
What about my horoscope in full with judgment$306
How shall I fare in the examination?$306
When shall I get rid of the bad-patch?$306
What's the best time of my life? Is that gone or yet to come?$306
When shall I get the desired (confidential)?$306
When shall I be famous? $306
Which country would be the most befitting to be settled?$306
Everyday analysis with analytical report$810 per month

Job, Business, Company, Cinema, Theatre, Dance, Music, Fashion

When shall I get the best job?$270
When shall I be promoted?$306
When should I go for investment in business?$306
Shall I win in litigation?$306
When should I inaugurate my company?$450
When should I launch my new film?$450
When will I get debut in film? $306
Who will be the most befitting co-star for me?$600
Shall I get Oscar award this year?$306

Love, Romance, Match-making and Marriage

Love life analysis of an individual!$306
Complete analysis of compatibility between two persons!$360
When shall I get my Soul-mate?$306
Is he/she compatible to me?$306
Will we be compatible to each other?$600
Will our love persist? $720
Shall we be happy in conjugal life?$720
When will I get married?$306
When will we get divorced?$306

Service on Medical Queries

When shall I get rid of the disease?$243
When should the Surgery be undertaken? (Date and Time)$270
What is the safe date and time for C-section?$243
What are the congenitally weak parts of my body? $270
Yearly condition report of an autism patient!$270
What's the befitting time to go for a successful IVF treatment?$360

Domain, Website and Internet Business

When should I book my domain?$270
When should I launch my website?$306
When should I start my web business?$306

Service on Sports Queries

When shall I get my debut in sports?$306
When shall I get the highest success in sport?$306
Shall I win in Today's Game?$270
Which player will perform Better in Today's Game?$600 out of 2 Players
What is the winning-combination of players for Today's Game?$270/Player
How long a player will exhibit its best for a club?$400
Yearly performance analysis of a star player with specific date, week and month!$1800

Service on Special Queries

Shall I win Nobel-Prize in this year?$306
When shall I get new findings in Research?$306
Shall I win this Election?$900
Assistance for criminal investigation!On Contract

Free daily horoscope calculated from date of birth will be a source of unlimited joy.

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