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The best astrological services and horoscope analysis is offered. Services for job, love, C-section, IVF, sports, film online by Indian astrology. Astrological service is rendered with excellence ensuring credibility and priority as well.

  1. Service is authentic, trusted and precisely useful.
  2. Time is specified to take up C-section.
  3. The best of Indian astrology is applied for customers compliance.

USD$ 99/Year (optional) will be charged for maintenance of personal horoscope.

Please get our confirmation, before making any payment. Prices are in U.S. Dollar.

Service in General

What is my Vedic Ascendant or Rising sign? $4.50

Horoscope with complete judgment $540

Shall I fare in examination? $450

When shall I get rid of bad time? $450

When is the best time of my life? $153

When shall I become famous? $450

Job, Business, Film, Industry

When shall I get the best job? $360

When shall I get promotion? $450

When to invest in business? $450

Shall I win litigation? $450

When to inaugurate new industry? $450

When to launch the new film? $450

Shall I get Oscar this year? $450

Love, Romance, Matchmaking and Marriage

Love life analysis $450

When shall I get my Soulmate? $450

Will our love persist? $720

When will I get married? $450

When will we get divorced? $450

Medical Services

When will I get rid of disease? $243

When should the surgery be undertaken? $270

What is the best date and time for C-section? $360

What are the congenitally weak parts of my body? $153

Annual autism report $450

What is the best time for successful IVF treatment? $450

Domain, Website and Internet

When should I book a domain? $153

When should I launch a website? $270

Sports Services

When shall I get debut in sports? $450

When shall I get the highest success in sport? $450

Shall I win in Today's Game? $360

Which player will perform better in today's game? $360/Player

What is the winning-combination of players for today's game? $270/Player

How long a player will exhibit the best performance? $450

Annual performance of a star player. $900

Special Services

Shall I win Nobel prize this year? $450

When shall I get new findings in research? $450

Shall I win this election? $900

Assistance for criminal investigation On Contract

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