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Asish Kumar Das

My name is Asish Kumar Das, born and brought up in Calcutta (Kolkata), India; is the founder of this website. I am one of the best Hindu astrologer in the world and always develop self with novel and top class innovative concepts of astrology. Plenty of free astrological resources are scattered here in this website. I am a citizen of Norway, which is located at Scandinavia in North Europe. Norway is a country runs on the strong philosophy of social democracy; which I feel, should be followed by the rest of the world. In the year 2004, I authored the book, LUSTER OF ETERNITY (ISBN: 1413735746), which has been published by PublishAmerica, Inc. Maryland, USA. The book incorporates comprehensive information of the benefits of astrological science for human. Moreover, the book incorporates the novel, plus four (+4) theory, which is my unique innovation and a remarkable presentation to the academic world, as a Vedic scientist. I am a graduate in the stream of science from the University of Calcutta, India. Worked for a span of seven years as a medical representative of a pharmaceutical company viz. M/S RAPTAKOS BRETT & CO. LTD at Mumbai in India. In the year 1996, I got a tremendous setback in my career, which took me (by one of my friends) to a Vedic astrologer of my locality in Calcutta. I was surprised with the analysis of the astrologer and almost forgot my worries. Simultaneously became bit skeptic as if the astrologer was previously informed about my situation. After getting confirmed about the credibility of his work, I asked him, Will you teach me astrology? He agreed. Hat's off to that Hindu astrologer, Shri Shankar Kumar Chakraborty who became my teacher later on.

Royalty of Luster of Eternity has been donated to Norges Blindeforbund (Blinds Association of Norway), the Wonderful organization helping the blinds most effectively.

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Human life is full of ups and downs and astrology helps know the sequences and its duration. As the planets have continuous and irresistible effects on all the living and non-living things in the world, so keeping those factors in mind, a lot of astrological tips are given, which could easily be performed by anyone irrespective of any caste, creed and color to ensure a peaceful and prosperous life. A lot of astrological tips are given in the page, astrological remedies.

While dealing with Indian astrology, it has been found that people usually highlight their sorrows or negative experiences of life to an astrologer instead of the glorious events. Moreover, as we know that preparation for the worst is the best way to live; so, keeping all the negative aspects of planetary effects in mind and to make people informed well in advance, predictions of special events have been written accordingly and have been shown in the page, important days. While dealing with astrology for more than decade, One of my greatest innovation is finding out weekly lucky days, which is very precise, accurate and simply the best for personal use. Besides, medical astrology opens a new horizon in the field of health care or medical treatment and sports astrology ensures consistent victory in the field of sports and games. Besides, sports question would be a good reading stuff. Daily horoscope calculated from date of birth of a person can be a source of unlimited joy for all.

My Teacher of Astrology

My teacher, Late Shri Shankar Kumar Chakraborty was one of the best Indian astrologer during his time and used to belong the rare class of his own. He taught me the subject after studying my horoscope, and he predicted me to be a top class astrologer in the world and will attain authority in the field of predictive astrology. In Hindu astrology, my teacher was one of the best scholars and used to belong exclusively the class of his own. My teacher, the noble pundit tried to educate me according to his level of knowledge. I am very proud of my teacher, who was one of the best astrologer, a great man and an outstanding personality I have ever met in my life. I pay "Eternal Homage" to my teacher.

Basic difference between the work of an astrologer with that of a doctor or a lawyer is that; astrologer will say or narrate what it sees in a horoscope, which is just like a press reporter, but not as an advisor. Me, in the name of my teacher always try to provide the best astrological consultancy to my clients. This will never be an exaggeration to say that I can make anybody believe in the subject and can prove its credibility in front of the world, which I've started to work out. People who require astrological services for any damn reason, may contact me, hope you will be contented and satisfied with my service.

Finally, I have already worked out with the horoscopes of a lot of celebrities to justify my work on versatile arena, besides having expertise in medical astrology as well as sports astrology. As a sports astrologer, I have found a lot of ways to assist sports and games to elevate winning consistency of any team. I am in continuous effort to simplify the secrets of astrology for human use and bringing out more and more novel features of top class astrological predictions to incorporate in this website for better compliance and satisfaction of my esteemed viewers.

Finally, I, hereby declare that the content of this website is neither copy of any website nor even work of any astrologer, rather this is exclusively the reflection of my discovery and innovative works.

Suggestions would always be entertained.