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Asish Kumar Das

My name is Asish Kumar Das, born and brought up in Calcutta (Kolkata), India; is the founder of this website. I am one of the best Hindu astrologer in the world. Developing self with novel and top class innovative concepts of astrology. Plenty of free astrological resources are scattered in I am a citizen of Norway. In the year 2004, I authored the book, LUSTER OF ETERNITY (ISBN: 1413735746), which was published by PublishAmerica, Inc. Maryland, USA. Moreover, the book incorporates the novel, plus four (+4) theory, which was my unique innovation for the academic world. I am a graduate of science from the University of Calcutta, India. Worked as a medical representative of a pharmaceutical company viz. M/S RAPTAKOS BRETT & CO. LTD at Mumbai in India. In the year 1996, I got attracted to astrology and learnt from a Vedic astrologer, Shri Shankar Kumar Chakraborty of my locality in Calcutta. I was surprised with the analysis of the astrologer.

Royalty of Luster of Eternity has been donated to Norges Blindeforbund (Blinds Association of Norway), the Wonderful organization helping the blinds most effectively.

Norges Blindeforbund
Postboks 5900 Majorstuen
0308 Oslo

A lot of astrological tips are given in the page, astrological remedies. Moreover, as we know that preparation for the worst is the best way to live; so, keeping all the negative aspects of planetary effects in mind and to make people informed well in advance, predictions of special events have been written accordingly and have been shown in the page, important days. While dealing with astrology for more than decade, One of my greatest innovation is finding out weekly lucky days, which is very precise, accurate and simply the best for personal use. Besides, medical astrology opens a new horizon in the field of health care or medical treatment and sports astrology ensures consistent victory in the field of sports and games. Besides, sports question would be a good reading stuff. Daily horoscope calculated from date of birth of a person can be a source of unlimited joy for all.

People who require astrological services for any reason, may contact me, hope you will be contented and satisfied with my service.

I, hereby declare that the content of this website is neither copy of any website nor even work of any astrologer, rather this is exclusively reflection of my own discovery and innovative works.

Suggestions would always be entertained.