Version of in Different Languages, the website of Indian astrology is primarily written in the language, English. Besides, we are trying to provide the content in several versions online like; Spanish and Portuguese for the convenience of our global visitors. Although we are still to translate the whole of the website, but providing the salient features gradually. Both in Spanish as well as in Portuguese version, we have provided the authentic daily horoscope, love calculator and lucky days respectively. The translation is the contribution of Google and Bing translators respectively and there might have grammatical error in translations, but that is certainly very negligible. Hope, our visitors will consider those cordially. We are working hard and in continuous process to elevate the quality the translations in different version of languages. Besides English, Spanish and Portuguese version; we may publish content of the website in many more languages in the future. The work of new versions depend on the number of visitors we find from different corners of the World.