Unique Medicine O2A, Cures All Critical Diseases

Unique medicine O2A, cures all critical diseases from the root. O2A, oral antiseptic alkali heal the incurable diseases at ease. The safest natural medicine was my invention from medical astrology in 2018. The unique compound is alkaline in nature with powerful antiseptic properties. The unique formulation, O2A has high power of penetration to reach throughout the body. Critical diseases are the cumulative effects of prolonged malpractices. The medicine can be administered to the patients with irrespective diseases, age and sex respectively, so could be called, panacea. As the compound is an oral antiseptic alkali, so I named it, O2A.

My Assurance with Conviction

  1. A single dose of O2A can add life to any dying patient, at least for six (6) months suffering from any damn disease.
  2. O2A can increase immunity by hundred (100) times to anybody of irrespective age and sex.
  3. The unique medicine cure diseases from its root permanently.
  4. No relapse of infection.

Philosophy of Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg

Relevant guidance was given by Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, the German physiologist, medical doctor and Nobel laureate, 1931 Nobel Prize winner for cancer discovery. Dr. Warburg told, "NO Disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment." Dr. Warburg prescribed alkaline foods, primarily based on green vegetables, lemon water, almonds, berries and sugar free diet.

Dr. Warburg

Cured a patient with COVID symptoms

A lady patient above 60 years with acute COVID-19 or Coronavirus symptoms was treated by me on April 1, 2020 and was cured with just a single dose of O2A. The lady was suffering from fever, throat-pain, cough and breathing difficulty for 5 days and was under medication of paracetamol, cough expectorant and antibiotic prescribed by a local doctor of medicine.

Cure all with the Unique Medicine - O2A

  1. Composed with natural inorganic sources.
  2. Mode of administration - oral suspension
  3. The medicine is alkaline in nature.
  4. More powerful than any antibiotic.
  5. Cures all the open and hidden infections.
  6. Taste of O2A is acceptable.
  7. No Fixed Dose, rather flexible.
  8. Gives complete guard against infection.
  9. No drug interaction, NO side effects.
  10. No drug addiction or dependence.
  11. Good for patients of all ages and sex.
  12. Cost of treatment is remarkably low.

The unique medicine, O2A works like a panacea

  1. O2A maintains perfect pH balance.
  2. Strengthens immunity, revitalize body strongly to its normalcy.
  3. Normalizes gastrointestinal (GI) functions, evacuation and urination cleanse and detoxify the body.
  4. The unique formulation cures gastric and duodenal ulcers.
  5. Stops occurrence of reflux, hyper acidity and all sorts of gastric irritation.
  6. Inhibits formation of biofilm thus, stops growth of microorganisms.
  7. O2A Improves absorption of fatty vitamins in large intestine.
  8. Reduces cholesterol and storage of unwanted fat from the body.
  9. The drug removes blockages in blood passage and ensure clean circulatory system.
  10. The medicine cures gynecological disorders and problems of polycystic ovaries.
  11. The unique compound, O2A has antitumor effect.
  12. The unique drug normalizes the secretion of the thyroid gland.
  13. The medicine has powerful anthelmintic and broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect.
  14. The medicine cures urinary tract infection and reduces uric acid.
  15. O2A helps effortless expectoration in lung congestion.
  16. The unique formulation has powerful antihistamines property.
  17. O2A balances potassium and sodium in the blood.
  18. O2A keeps skin texture, blood pressure and blood picture normal.
  19. Strong antiseptic effect without disturbing normal metabolism.
  20. Keeps sugar content of the blood, hyperglycemia or diabetes in control.
  21. Reduces pain slowly, but steadily.
  22. Restore minerals, stops the erosion of bone and normalizes bone density.
  23. Cures known and unknown internal and external infections comprehensively.
  24. Reaches acute zone of infection where antibiotic cannot reach.
  25. The unique formulation makes food bio-compatible, thus ensure complete absorption of nutrients.
  26. Finally, O2A provides a conducive environment in the body; helping other medicine to work efficiently.

A lot of local patients with various diseases got cured with O2A.

Besides the unique medicine O2A,
  1. Autism
  2. Medical astrology
  3. Congenital immaturity
  4. In vitro fertilization
  5. Service of astrology
The oral antiseptic alkalizer is a real panacea.
- Asish Kumar Das, 31st January 2020