How can astrology help sports in general?

Sports questions begin with general knowledge of astrology and its application in the sports world. This is a very common sports quiz we receive of and on; but we should have a clear idea about the utilities of astrology in various fields of human life, before thinking to implement it in sports and games. Astrology deals with meticulous utilization of auspicious pieces of time to make our life smooth and comfortable. Indian astrology can impart immense benefit for the qualitative betterment of sports and games. Predictions could be made from the sports horoscope of the players taking part in any particular game that how far the participants will fair in tournament to bring victory for the club or country. The most important factor is to win a game lies in the selection of the players. From the respective horoscope, a sports astrologer can select the best combination of players for any particular game, which would inevitably bring assured victory for the team. Please be informed, no player can exhibit uniform performance in every game; that is why we need to take help on individual horoscope of a player to presume their daily games performance.

How to select winning combination?

This question is highly relevant while selecting the winning team for a club. Answer requires the correct birth profile of each and every participant of a team is required to select the best winning combination. Birth profile is required to prepare horoscope of every player of a team or every individual participants. Birth profile means:-

Birth Date,
Birth Time and (Birth Time means, Local Time of birth place)
Birth Place
Birth Date - 08th October 1952
Birth Time - 09.45 AM, IST (Indian Standard Time)
Birth Place - New Delhi, India.

Besides, game schedule or routine of a tournament is also necessary along with the venue to select the list of premium players for the game of any particular day or date. This is due to the fact that every player performs different performance in every unique day.

Can astrology guide any sorts of games?

The answer is Yes, astrology is certainly not limited to forecast outcome of a particular type of game, rather has comprehensive coverage for any sorts of sports and games.

How to judge collective game??

Sports astrology has its easy access to analyze irrespective field of sports and games, does not matter whether it is a game of individual performance or collective performance. In case of individual performance, only one horoscope needs to be judged and for collective performance several horoscopes of all the participants are needed to make predictions.

Success rate of astrology in sports?

Being a sports astrologer, I initiate this unique science of sports astrology for the betterment of sports and games. I am fully equipped and confident to be successful in my endeavor beyond any doubt. I strongly welcome every individual of irrespective field of sports and games to experience this innovative work of mine, absolutely Free of Cost before making any professional deal.

Should the astrologer meet the players?

This is a relevant question while an astrologer guide a team and the answer is as follows. It is not imperative to meet the players before making astrological report on them. But meeting would be an added advantage for the astrologer to justify accuracy of the horoscopes with respect to their physique. This acts like a confirmatory test of the participants.

How astrology stops sports corruption?

It is expected from every player to extend their hands of co-operation to maintain conducive environment and healthy atmosphere in sports and games. But unfortunately, crime report is often found published in newspapers, where prominent players are often seen involved in criminal activities like match-fixing or betrayal with the club or country at the cost of money. Those who are involved in such crimes are definitely losing trust of their fans as well as spoiling career for ever.

But astrological report can help us to identify the performers involved in game fixing. This is very simple to sort out fixers list from the individual horoscope of the players, this could be anticipated who are participants will be performing their best, and if their performances do not match with the astrological report, so inference could be drawn without any hesitation and their attitude will be questionable.

Can astrology help in gambling?

Gamblers often ask such a question to fill their pocket; however the answer is very succinct. We can offer the same guidance to the gamblers also, same as the players in a game. When the ultimate objective is to win the game, does not matter whether it is legal or illegal, gambling or sports or games; sporty theory of astrology works everywhere with due uniformity.

How to be a winner in gambling?

The answer may not be so simple as the question is. Gambling is of many types, so without getting into any specific type, we are discussing a generalized objective to be successful in gambling. The most important part is to select a befitting day to gamble. The following criteria are imperative to be successful in mission, which are as follows:-

  • One has to dig out the day for gambling very meticulously from its own horoscope, which will guide us to pick up lucky constellation as well as position of planets in auspicious zones of Zodiac.
  • The day must be a lucky day to bet or gamble.
  • The entire day should be analyzed with fragments of hours specifically, which would be more auspicious to gamble than the rests.

How astrology works in casino?

Astrological concept is just one and universal in everywhere, which is nothing but meticulous utilization of auspicious piece of time of a day. In case of casino, particularly in roulette game, the time span in between two games is so negligible that one can hardly calculate the lucky numbers following the process of astro-numerology, which ultimately proves to be precarious. Therefore, it is wise to play casino during the auspicious hours of a day, as discussed in answer of earlier question.

What is the astrological view of lucky numbers?

The answer of this question is simple, but it needs huge study digging out the correct answer. Please be informed that there is no permanent or fixed lucky number or numbers for any person in accordance with astrology. If a gambler is running through a lucky year, will certainly fair well.

Therefore, the truth is that, not only everyday rather every moment brings a bunch of unique lucky numbers in our fate; and only the luckiest people are able to catch those numbers knowingly or unknowingly to become winners.

What is soccer?

Football is called soccer in American English. The word, Soccer comes from Football Association.

How to judge a star player?

This question is purely astrological. There remains always a gap between the lips and the cup of a tea, and also uncertainty prevails whether the lips at all would be able to touch the cup and sip. Big clubs often hire or buy players observing their past performances. A player who performed the best in last season, never mean that it will repeat the same in current season also. The fact is that, even the best player can not assure consistency of its performance. Sports astrology, by dint of its sound technicalities can forecast performance of any player for any span of time. This could help ending of all sorts of hallucination and presumption as well to put us on a much consolidated position.

How to relate horoscope and training?

This question comes out of suspicion and often asked on the basis of annual sports performance. Purpose of astrological consultancy is never to underestimate efficiency of training system of a club or sports organization. Trainers or coaches will do the primary job by screening out all the cream players from the rests. The selected players will receive intensive training from the coaches. These premium players will be allowed to play for the club in the games following different permutation and combinations.

This question covers astrological forecast of daily games performance of each and every player from their horoscopes, who would be selected by the training personnel of a club. I am sure about victory if all the players could be uitlized in games on their best sports months. offers sports services?

Yes; offers comprehensively the best service to its clients making them able to play safe and seen in sports and games. We guarantee consistent victory by our authentic consultancy.

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