Risky Month, Cautious Months for Adventure

Risky month or months of risk by date of birth numerology was my discovery in Indian astrology in the year 2016. This topic, months of risk derives from Vedic numerology. Everybody, including the adventurer will get to know instant risky month every year. Folk some are fond of tour and travel or business entrepreneur want to make big investment may find this service really useful. Will my journey be safe this month? Shall I suffer loss this month? Should I go for adventure this month? These are very common queries. This service will enable the users remaining safe in risky venture. Selecting correct date of birth; everyone throughout the World can avail this guidance against loss. The concept of dangerous months will be effective to the irrespective class of people. How effective this innovation is; could be tested within the shortest span of time. Maybe, this calculated presentation of risky month online, would be a guiding factor to the World of adventure. Enjoy! the guidance against risky months.

How many months of risk will be available in a year?

According to this school of astrology, a person will get minimum two (2) and maximum three (3) dangerous months in a year to remain cautious and making plan of adventurous game accordingly.

Number of risky months in a year is fixed - Is it true?

No, a person, while getting two risky months this year, may get three months of risk in the following year. Therefore, number of risky month changes every year.

How to know risky months?

Annual report is given to international users at the cost of US $4.50 and Indian users can pay INR Rs. 288 only.

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How will a risky month emerge before us?

The risky months will be inauspicious; however could be good months of adventure.

  1. All the incidents happening during a risky month may not be favorable.
  2. Appearance of malefic associates or enemies is possible who can harm your life.
  3. Important jobs accomplished in a risky month may not bring desired success.
  4. Good news, for which you are waiting eagerly; may not come in a risky month.
  5. A risky month should be avoided for buying or building a new house, residence or home.
  6. Inauguration of new factory or business organization will not be wise in the months of risk.
  7. Pregnant mothers expecting baby, should remain cautious in movement in a risky month.
  8. C-section for giving birth to a baby should also be discarded in a risky month.
  9. Pending payments might not be realized in the months of risk.
  10. Behavioral care might be needed to protect love relationship.
  11. Self-control should be increased many times in a risky month avoiding awkward situations.
  12. Mission of tour and travel should be avoided in the months of risk.
  13. Diagnosis of disease may get wrong in a risky month; thus, resulting in prolong suffering.
  14. All sorts of auspicious ventures should be shunned in a risky month.
Important Tips against Risky Months
  1. Know the risky months from the calendar above and avoid doing all the important tasks during those months.
  2. Pick up a good date to accomplish special works.
  3. Pick up the best year to deploy your prime works.
  4. Important days falling in a risky month might become very powerful.
  5. Always use your auspicious days.

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A risky month often fetch big money for some, as an exceptional.
- Asish Kumar Das, 12th September 2016