Publication, Luster of Eternity

Our Life Was Precarious,
Our Life Is Precarious,
Our Life Will Be Precarious,
So Long Our Existence Will Remain.

If it would not be so, human existence would be on the verge of extinction before many many years.

Luster of Eternity, chapter-7

Publication elaborates comprehensive queries from the readers about credibility of Indian astrology as well as to clear off all the misconceptions, LUSTER OF ETERNITY, (ISBN: 1413735746), was written on the background of Indian astrology along with the accurate answers of 32 relevant queries, where readers will find the new, PLUS FOUR (+4) THEORY and CYCLE OF TIME IN 1 MINUTE. These theories claim to be an addition of a new concept or idea in the World of knowledge.

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LUSTER OF ETERNITY, the valuable publication was written in the light of Indian astrology or Vedic astrology, of which I was a front line non-believer till the year 1996. It was the situation which culminated in my life in the year 1996, took me to a Vedic astrologer and later on he became my teacher of astrology.

Luster of Eternity

Human being is roaming about the three Worlds of their respective entity.

Publication based on Body, Mind and Soul

All three entities, as written in publication require nourishment for their maturation and manifestation respectively. As human life ends with the advent of the three factors viz. - a) Old-age, b) Diseases and c) Death. In the materialistic World, the three factors have got new name viz. - a) Man, b) Machine and c) Money; thus, the three factors influence our lives in various ways. Food satisfies hunger of our body, knowledge pacifies our mind and spirituality soothes thirst of our soul. Indian astrology is a very comprehensive subject, so without having comprehensive study, none should make any adverse comment on it.

Cream of the publication is to narrate the basic difference between astrology and medical science is that, with a single molecule of medicine, doctor can treat numerous patients suffering from the same complications, but this is not possible in Indian astrology because, everybody has a different life, so, with the preoccupied idea derived from a particular horoscope of a person, we cannot judge others horoscope and cast the same idea on that. Therefore, every new horoscope is a new book to an astrologer. This is the ONLY reason that, the number of expert astrologer is so negligible in the World.

Publication of Mundane astrology is to guide us about the phenomena throughout the geographical distribution of the world. This can also forecast about the countries of the World which will come up into the front line of prosperity and vice-versa. Moreover, the important dates for the big events in the World, as I predicted 26th July 2000, when Concorde flight crashed in Paris and 9/11 2001, destruction of the World trade center took place. One of a big news agency of the World has paid attention on my work, when I specified, well in advance, the date on 23rd October 2002, when the Moscow Theater seize, took place. That news agency later on acknowledged and appreciated my predictions. Amongst the other predictions, 24th July 2002 - the most threatening object in space, ASTEROID was discovered, which is approximately two kilometers long in size and running to the Earth at a speed of 17 miles/second and supposed to hit the Earth on 1st February 2019 and capable to destroy a medium sized country and 17th of November 2002 - when a ship carrying crude petroleum got destroyed in the bay of Spain and 1st February 2003, when the disaster of Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-107), took place.

Before making this publication, I personally have come across a good number of non-believers of astrology, who are authorities of different subjects working in some prominent universities. Those people, later on not only believed astrology, rather some of them took astrological assistance from me.

Publication on Pluto

Pluto is the smallest, coldest and most distant planet from the Sun. It takes 248 years to orbit the Sun and has a moon, Charon. It was discovered by the American astronomer, Clyde Tombaugh in 1930. Pluto has the highest sensitivity to heat and cold due to its elliptical path of movement round the Sun.

The zone, through which Pluto is passing now had already been traveled by the planet before 248 years. If we would know the mass of Pluto before 248 years, so could easily differentiate the scale of diminution. But the record is not with us as we could discover the planet only in 1930. Therefore, it's too early to make any conclusion about a slow moving planet.

Moreover, Pluto is a watery planet, presently traveling through the fiery zone, may cause a natural diminution of its mass. But like all other planets this is not a permanent state of the Pluto. If change of state is a natural phenomenon so this could be considered in case of Pluto too.

Publication of insight from the base of astrology has been projected here on recent controversy (24th August 2006) amongst the astronomers about Pluto and its removal from the Cosmic Club due to diminution of its size. Pluto has neither dwarfed nor even diminished has rather it become partially invisible which seems to us as its dwarfism. This is due to the effect of the present cloud of constellation (celestial longitude of 240 degree - to - 253 degree 20 minutes), the planet is passing through which made Pluto partially invisible. This is the feature of those constellations which are capable of making any planet partially invisible during their rotation through that zone. Exactly the same thing happened to Neptune during the year 1982 to 1985 and to Uranus during the year 1987 to 1989 respectively. As those two planets are having bigger mass than Pluto, so we could hardly differentiate their dwarfism.

Therefore, this could be said with conviction that Pluto will reappear again with its prominent mass by shaking off its so-called dwarfism by the end of the year, 2012. But the complete mass of the planet will reappear in 2021.

- Published on 26th August 2006

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Astrology can soothe all the Impulses of an Inquisitive Mind.
- Asish Kumar Das