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Money year predicts annual money report by date of birth for financial success every year. This work of numerology gives annual forecasts of finance was my discovery from money astrology. The work derives from Vedic astrology and numerology. Besides, money horoscope by date of birth analyzes and success of annual financial luck is predicted. Year for money could be known in a minute. Whereas forecasts of annual money is calculated from some of its intricate factors in a lucid way with the help of Indian astrology. Viewers will come to know annual monetary situation at a glance to assess size of the wallet. This will be highly useful for making plan meticulously, thus; ensuring the best precaution to save the pocket. The concept of economy calculator is effective and handy as well as easy to use without any hassle. This novel idea has been implemented to fulfill necessity of mass round the World uniformly. Maybe, the world was waiting for such an online presentation. Months of money assure good income and realization of past dues. Enjoy! the best and free online forecast of money year.

Which one is greater - regular income of money or deposited wealth?

There should not have any doubt that regular income is much higher than saved money because, regular earning either from job or from business follow the rule of labor market; whereas fixed deposit runs far behind in terms of materialistic need. Financial institutions or bank is still to be found increasing its rate of interest on the fixed deposit money keeping pace with the present price index of capital market. A lot of hidden factors work simultaneously in the policy of monetary organizations that common people are mostly unaware of the facts. Astrology predicts that the path of money in our life is absolutely fluctuating. Investment can also ensure continuous income; however that requires prudence or foresight. Therefore, we should have matured setup of mind to swim over the flow of money very wisely.

How will be my money luck this year?

This money calculator covers almost all the financial factors. Luck of money of an individual depends mainly on two factors, planetary phase of the financial year in horoscope and advantages of planetary rotation respectively. All the factors of Vedic, western as well as Chinese astrology are to be judged meticulously. Besides, all the factors of numerology have to be taken into serious account forecasting money luck of a person in any year.

Complementary service besides, money year

Money year calculator provides annual money luck. Besides, the users may come to know lucky months for more money.

How will be the year for money?

Your annual money report will appear in a moment after, selection of date of birth. You may save time by selecting and submitting your birth number in the date section.

Annual Money Report - DOB
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How will the money calculator help?

Comprehensive aspects of money have been discussed from the angle of astrology by pointing out all the important factors of financial field. Predictions are made in a simple manner for well understanding of the irrespective users of financial World. A brief note has been written below to focus the features of this economy calculator:-

  1. Overall prospect of money in this financial year could be assessed by the calculator.
  2. Whether this money year will be befitting for sowing seed.
  3. Whether one can expect the unexpected in earning as well as saving money in this year.
  4. Whether financial year will remain steady and consistent throughout.
  5. Whether one will get loan from bank or financial institutions.
  6. Whether one will face enmity or sabotage in the financial field.
  7. Whether the money year will be befitting for investment.
  8. Whether one will get windfall of money could be known by this money calculator.

Is there any more resources focus annual financial success?

Yes, here is. Business forecast could be read to know annual trading situation written on basis of the features of the Zodiac Sun signs.

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Money has a fixed color irrespective of its nomenclature.
- Asish Kumar Das, 05th June 2015