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Love month, lucky months for new love by date of birth. The best month for romance and love life online by Indian astrology. Month of love was my discovery from Indian astrology in 2016. This topic is a gift of Vedic numerology. Pairs will come to know instant good month for new romance of every year. Life becomes easy and encouraging when we know the direction of Cupid's arrow by bow in advance and initiates romantic life. When will I get true romance? Enjoy! free forecasts of month of love.

How to know months of love?

Months of romance will appear in a moment after, selection of date of birth. Save time by selecting birth number in the date section.

Month of Love - DOB
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How many month of love will appear in a year?

A person will get minimum two and maximum three months of romance in a year. A person, while getting two months for romance this year; may get three in the following. Therefore, number of romantic month changes every year.

How will a month of love emerge before us?

  1. Incidents happening in a month for romance will strengthen conjugal life.
  2. Romance may open a new horizon in a month of love.
  3. Affair in a month of romance may turn your life to a new direction.
  4. Memorable dating may happen in a month of love.
  5. Vibrant sexual life will be ensured in an auspicious month.
  6. Grief of romance may get repaired and regain its pleasure in a romantic month.
  7. Month for romance helps removing all the bones of contention between the couples.
  8. Conjugal life facing grief of unwanted separation or divorce, might be saved.
  9. Anything related to conjugal and sex life will run with satisfaction.
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Everyone gets at least a lucky month for romance every year.
- Asish Kumar Das, 12th September 2016