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IVF and Surgery

IVF, in vitro fertilization and surgery in medical astrology are analyzed. Process of ivf and surgery discussed online from Indian astrology. In IVF, the process of fertilization of sperm and egg cell is done externally. After formation of zygote, the embryo is implanted into uterus. Help of medicine and surgery is needed during the entire procedure. However, success rate is very negligible; might be less than 18 percent. My work of medical astrology can help increasing success rate of getting test tube baby.

Uses of IVF Treatment

Human body consists of somatic as well as reproductive cells. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the mode of treatment which assists childless couples to get baby. Pregnancy depends primarily on the planetary phase through which the couple pass. Optimum phase of planet takes the leading role in activation of the sex cells. Time of activation of the reproductive cells differs man to man and women as well. The phase of activation may come early for some people and may arise late for others. And this is the actual reason for early and late pregnancy. Due to presence of uncontrollable negative factors, activation of reproductive cell is never possible for some people. Therefore, trying in vitro fertilization for such couples will simply be waste of money. In this context we should have knowledge of Vedic science. According to Vedic astrology, there are nine planetary phases, ranges from six to twenty years. Thus, complete age of human being is calculated 120 years. This is a cumulative figure comes out from the addition of nine planetary phases. Therefore, person who gets active phase of reproductive cells during old age, enjoys late pregnancy.

Role of Somatic Cells

Common Hazards - Sex cells got activated, but the body or somatic cells got degenerated due to over age, obstruct in vitro fertilization. Somatic cells supply heat and provide conducive environment for the embryo. Thus, complete success of in vitro fertilization can hardly be expected without support of the somatic cells.

Brief discussion of in vitro fertilization has been made in glossary.

Surgery and Diagnosis

Medical astrology recommends two solar days for a successful surgery. Solar days have tremendous impact on the success of surgery. Wednesday and Friday are the best days for any surgical operation. Tuesday and Saturday should be discarded for any surgical operations to save patients life as well as doctors reputation. If we investigate failure cases of surgery, will find that 99% of the failed cases were done either on Tuesday or on Saturday. Besides surgery, Wednesday and Friday are auspicious to take new medicine.

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A perfect match of somatic and reproductive cells make IVF successful.
- Asish Kumar Das, 31st January 2020