Important Days, Eventful for World and Individual

Important day is predicted for national, international and individual aspects, which will be eventful for the world as well as in personal life. Advanced forecast of important day is predicted for the awareness of people. As the planets are responsible for the happening of each and every event in the world, does not matter whether it is auspicious or inauspicious; however our knowledge about its impact may help us acting cautiously. Planets have their different span of active field within the Zodiac belt, so while transiting through those active zones; they cause important events on their functional day. Planets remaining in contradicting zones to each other, bring about dangerous events. Our concern is to cope with inauspicious events and effort has been made to alert people about the important day in advance. Thus, it is exclusively ever changing planetary position in space, which steers us finding out an important day. Below is a list of free important days online derived from Indian astrology.

What is important day?

We need to know that planetary combination is the exclusive criterion for the formation of an important day. This is for our knowledge that planets keep on forming unique positional combination amongst themselves by constant changing of their positions, which is the perpetual rule of the universe. Such planetary combinations are important for the world in every moment and month round the year. Moreover, we must know that such kind of day started to form since the creation of the universe and will keep on forming for ever, so long the universe will exist. Such a day, by dint of its nature brings about horrible as well as pleasurable event in the world as well as in our personal lives.

What will an important day bring to us?

Important day always brings about important event in the world. It is better to say, we can expect the unexpected during these significant time slots. Astral effect of a day, imparts different influence on us when a group of people enjoy effects of a good day and another group suffers. But for understanding, if we analyze the impacts of good effects of such day amongst the lucky group of people, we will find that the degree of auspiciousness differs from man to man, likewise the degree of adversity among the people of another group follows the same. Therefore, how the incidents will take shape and color in our lives on that important day depends exclusively on our respective horoscopes. But point should be noted that a particular important day, if at all brings about bad incident in the life of a person, never mean that every important day will bring the same result because that depends on rotational position of the planets, which is ever-changing.

Use time zone calculator to use important day

Hour spans of an important day could be converted into local time with the help of the following time zone calculator. Important hour slots are given in accordance with Indian Standard Time or IST. Viewers should convert the given span into their respective local time by clicking on the blue button of the Time Zone Checker below. Select Given Time Below by clicking drop down menu; then Select your time zone i.e. nearest place of your locality by clicking on the second drop down menu and finally just click on the button, Calculate, result will appear immediately. Please add (+) 1 hour along with time output from the Time Zone Calculator below, in case of Daylight Saving Time in the USA and British Summer Time (BST = GMT + 1h). Please note that the following piece of times are given in accordance with IST, which means Indian Standard Time, which is +5.30 of GMT.

Besides international events happening in an important day, viewers may get to know personalized lucky day, well in advanced and may get prepared accomplishing some auspicious jobs.

Following are the list of eventful day for current month and asterisk (*) marks are given beside the important dates to denote degree of importance of a day.

December 2016
  1. **Since 21.40 IST of 13 Dec - until - 18.50 IST of 14 Dec
  2. **Since 12.40 IST of 18 Dec - until - 13.05 IST of 19 Dec
  3. *Since 14.15 IST of 20 Dec - until - 16.10 IST of 21 Dec
  4. **Since 18.40 IST of 22 Dec - until - 21.35 IST of 23 Dec

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Every individual gets at least a favorable day out of every nine days.
- Asish Kumar Das, 08th April 2006