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Astrologi sai arvostusta julkkiksilta ja asiakkailta intialaisen astrologian avulla tehdystä horoskoopista. Katsojat voivat käydä läpi tunnustuskirjeet. Hänen korkeutensa Norjan prinsessa Martha Louise lähetti kiitoksen vuonna 2002. Arvoisa Yhdistyneen kuningaskunnan entinen pääministeri Tony Blair lähetti useita tunnustuskirjeitä vuosina 2002 ja 2003. Intian pääministeri Narendra Modi lähetti kiitoksen ollessaan Intian Gujaratin osavaltion pääministeri.

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Yhdysvaltain asiakkaiden arvostus

Thank you Asish everything you wrote makes perfect sense to me. Also its very true, It is late in life that I learned to really love my self, with the help of my children. After you hear the way i was raised, you will understand why I had such low self esteem. But now as I look back I happen to think I am a fine human being. I happen to have some of the characteristics of my parents. as our own Poetess Maria Angelou once wrote, We did the best we knew how then, but when we knew better we did even better. That's what my parents did, I still try to improve my life in every way that I can, while still carrying the burden of my husband with integrity - if not with love or even pity. This I do mostly for my wonderful children, but I am sure as you read in his stars you likely will find things there even I don't know about. Thank you for keeping in touch Asish, it gives me great comfort, Bless you with appreciation. Pierrette.
Pierrette Lili Camps, Author of Awesome Family Cookbook
Newyork, USA.

Intialaisen asiakkaan arvostus

Dear Asish,
In one way or the other, I am indebted to your support as a friend and an astrologer. I do not know if that is my destiny or not, but your predictions turned into reality. Now I can feel the difference from my past 2 years of life, which indeed you predicted. You always guided me into reality with your pragmatic nature and that is your magic from my perception.
Sincerely I pray the ultimate power to take care of you.
Thanking You,
Amar Vodnala.
Network Engineering, California, USA. [email protected]

Dear Asish,
You possess a divine gift of predicting as to what lies ahead. I found solace in what you wrote for me, as I knew that the bad times would not last and sure enough they ended exactly at the time you had predicted. My regret has been that I did not pay heed to your warnings about a complex situation that would arise with my family. Not only are you a notable astrologer, you are also a noble human being with sterling qualities that are hard to find in today's world. I will always remember your call from Norway where you talked to me for more than an hour reassuring me that things are going to improve. I would say that things have improved tremendously on my financial front and on my important relationships.
Wishing you great success and happiness.
Professional Consultant, New Delhi, India. [email protected]

Katsojat arvostavat Pakistania

Respected Mr. Ashish Kumar Das,
I read your astrological forecast for first three months of 2007. Predictions are so far quite right for me and my sister, both Taurus. What other things you can tell? Plz guide.
PAKISTAN, [email protected]

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