What about this website?

Features are arranged systematically in this website. Astrocopia.com deals with Indian Vedic astrology, which is also known as Hindu astrology. This website covers monthly forecasts of Zodiac Sun signs. In addition, contains annual predictions of the Sun signs, Moon signs, Rising signs, Love, sports, job, business and money horoscope respectively. Besides, medical astrology and information about the planets inclusion of lucky features like, lucky dates, lucky days and lucky time would be of great help for the users Hope, viewers will love these. A huge resource of love features are included, like love horoscope, love question and love features This website incorporates exclusive work of the astrologer, Asish Kumar Das.

What about arrangement of content in this website?

A brief discussion has been made about it in the homepage, along with the page names and connections.

How to calculate birth number?

Birth-number is the final output of date of birth and ends with a single digit which comes from continuous addition of each and ever digit of date of birth. The is a very simple addition of the numbers beginning right from date, month and year respectively. Please be informed that this is a basic lesson of numerology. Let us take the primary lesson of numerology. Any date of birth, from the numerological angle of view produces a key number or digit which is known as birth-number. Moreover, birth number is a fixed digit for every individual. So, once you come to know your birth-number, you can enjoy the forecasts of this website requiring the same. Users, for faster calculation may use the birth-number calculator below.

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What is the publication schedule of this web space?

We provide free yearly forecast of the Zodiac Sun signs, Moon signs and Rising signs by the last month of earlier year. Besides, monthly predictions of the Sun signs, earthquake and tsunami along with with important days are published usually by the last week of earlier month. Please note, all the annual horoscopes like, job, love, business, money, sports etc. get published in the month of December of the earlier year.

What is the basis of work exercised here?

Indian astrology has been used here. All the astrological works are based on the astronomical ephemeris. Astronomy helps to locate position of the planets on their celestial latitude and longitude. Ephemeris is like a log book, incorporates daily position of the planets. Indian ephemeris, American ephemeris and British ephemeris are most widely used by the astrologers.

How can we analyze planetary effects?

Planetary impulses are like radiations which keep on influencing us from time immemorial. As radiations of all the planets are allowed by the Moon to get access into the earth; similarly every human being is built with a Moon by default, which is none other than mind, which allows access of the planetary impulses into our body. That is why mind acts as a filter as well as a reflector in our body and due to this similar feature with that of earth, every human being is considered as its unit. Planetary impulses can steer anybody to act in favor of an individual and against as well. Astrology calls those impulses as phase of time. Practically, we are neither friend nor foe to none; it is our respective phase of time, which can make anybody as our friend and vice-versa. Even your most faithful pet dog can bite you, provided time runs counter to you. Our most trusted family member can stand against us, if we are running through the bad time. On the contrary, our most heinous enemy can also do something miracle for us, which we had never dreamt of. Therefore, time is the killer and time is the healer as well.

How to overcome adverse effects of planets?

Knowledge can help us a lot fighting shy of awkward influences of planets. We should educate our mind continuously so that it will never allow every impulses to get into our body and ruffle it to make us sick. Simultaneously, we need to activate our intellect, so that it will judge all the impulses that our mind receives, before allowing them for entrance into the body. It is a continuous lesson that we learn it throughout our lives along with some remedial measures against adverse planets.

Is online course of astrology available here?

No, not yet. We receive many queries about astrology classes, but may start tutorials in future.

What are the useful books to learn Indian astrology?

There are lot of books to learn Vedic astrology. Books written by Professor Krishnamurthi and Dr. B. V. Raman are really helpful for the students of vedic astrology.

How often features get updated?

The pages incorporating forecast of Zodiac Sun signs, important days and world forecast get refreshed in every month. Pages bearing annual predictions, get refreshed by the end of the month of December of the earlier year. Whereas the other pages are reviewed on necessity.

How is global acceptance of astrocopia.com?

According to Google analytics, Astrocopia.com is being visited by more than 260 countries of the world and the number is ever increasing gradually. In addition, it has approximately 10,000 return visitor, 50,000 unique visitor and 100,000 page views in a month as on November 2012.

How to receive reply of queries?

We receive a large number of emails from different corners of the world and try to attend all of them. With the help of this website, we provide tons of free and authentic predictions to our visitors. But, we do not reply to them who are seeking additional personalized services of their horoscopes free of cost. We are afraid that we do not have such commitment to anyone. Visitors should concede that we provide the best service of astrology, just free of cost. Moreover, we are in the process to uplift quality of predictions everyday and also new more features to include for viewers compliance.

What is the mission of Astrocopia.com?

We have a lot of missions to accomplish, provided God permits to do so. Firstly, we are entrusted to make people believe in astrology out and out. Secondly, we will try to organize workshop of astrology in different corners of the globe to continue the culture of astrology for the betterment and posterity of our society. Thirdly, we have a mind to build Astrocopia Foundation for Charity in future to serve the orphans and destitute.

Does an astrologer judge its own horoscope?

This is a common practice of the astrologers to become well aware of its own life with the help of self horoscope. The ancient scholars used to opine that unless an astrologer can read its own horoscope, should not take responsibility of others. Any deviation from this rule may prove to be a fake one. Therefore, we should always remember the slogan, Physician! Heal Thyself.

Is astrology believable or unbelievable?

The subject was never wrong and remains same till today. But, misconception has caused defame due to pseudo experts as well as the ignorance of the people.

If astrology is true then what about the stars?

Astrology has no contradiction with stars; rather it qualifies nature and features of asterism. Glucose is a unit of carbohydrate, amino acid is the same for protein; similarly star is the unit of a constellation, which has identical properties with the co-stars under the same constellation.

What is numerology?

Numerology is the derivative of astrology; which express Zodiac features in a numerical way. Therefore, knowledge of astrology as well as mathematics is absolutely imperative to work on numerology. Alpha numeric combination is the basis of work to begin with, where the alphabets, A, B, C are numbered like 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

What is the update schedule of lucky dates?

The page of lucky dates gets updated by the end of earlier month.

How a lucky date differs from a lucky day?

The theme of lucky date follows precisely a date, as found in English calendar. Whereas, lucky day follows a span of time which may not remain restrained in one particular date, rather may cover two dates or days.

What is money?

Money is the true value of all our efforts in the world of pragmatism. Definition of work does not complete unless there is no displacement. Similarly, in materialistic world all efforts go in vain without the reward of money. In pragmatic world, money is the sole as well as solitary aim or target to the irrespective class of people throughout the world. Money holds a fixed color, does not matter if we name it white or black respectively. Money values; however it is seen that face value of money increases with the decrease of its intrinsic value. Money is highly sensitive and motile in nature that creates oasis as well as mirage in front of us, but who will enjoy the oasis or see the mirage depends exclusively on individual fate. Destiny hardly allows sustaining a permanent oasis or mirage in our life. Likewise transition of weather, destiny propels as well as bridles the tenure of oasis and mirage in the climate of our life. Thus, destiny is the solitary controlling factor of money in the life of every individual.

How to find topics in this website?

Viewers will find Search button above which could be used to search anything in the web or in this website.

Nature of a day depends on the numeric value of Date, Month & Year.
- Asish Kumar Das, 19th June 2015