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What about this website? deals with Indian Vedic astrology, which is also known as Hindu astrology. This website covers monthly forecasts of Zodiac Sun signs. In addition, contains annual predictions of the Sun signs, Moon signs, Rising signs, affairs, sports, job, business and money forecast respectively. Besides, medical astrology and information about the planets inclusion of features like, lucky dates from birth number, lucky days from day of birth and lucky time would be of great help for the users. A huge resource of romantic features are included, like romance horoscope, love question and love features This website incorporates exclusive work of the astrologer, Asish Kumar Das.

How to calculate birth number?

Birth number is the final output of addition of date of birth and ends with a single digit which comes from continuous addition of each and ever digit of date of birth. The is very simple addition of date of birth, month of birth and year of birth respectively. Let us take the primary lesson of numerology. Any date of birth, from the numerological angle of view produces a key number or digit which is known as birth number. Moreover, birth number is a fixed digit permanently for every individual. So, your birth number, can help enjoying the forecasts of this website. Users, for faster calculation of birth number may use the calculator.

How to overcome adverse effects of planets?

Knowledge can help us a lot fighting shy of awkward influences of planets. We should educate our mind continuously so that it will never allow every impulses to get into our body and ruffle it to make us sick. Simultaneously, we need to activate our intellect, so that it will judge all the impulses that our mind receives, before allowing them for entrance into the body. It is a continuous lesson that we learn it throughout our lives along with some remedial measures against adverse planets.

If astrology is true then what about the stars?

There is no astrological contradiction with stars; rather it qualifies nature and feature of the constellation. Glucose is a unit of carbohydrate, amino acid is the same for protein; similarly star is the unit of a constellation, which has identical properties with the co-stars under the same constellation.

Effect of a day to us depends on the birth number.
- Asish Kumar Das, 19th June 2015