Educational Month, Best Months for Academic Prospect

Educational month or the best months for education by date of birth numerology was my discovery in Indian astrology in the year 2016. This educational topic derives from Vedic numerology. Students will get to know instant lucky month of education of a year. The concept of educational months will be useful to the students planning for their schedule of examination. All sorts of preparation done in an educational month, will bring commendable success. Date of birth would suffice the purpose of getting an annual report of academic prospect. So, with the information of birth, educational month will be known to all the students. Students of irrespective course of study in the World will be benefited from educational month. This innovation will restrain the students to beat about the bush to succeed in educational field. The best educational months online would be a precious gift to the students of the World. Enjoy your successful educational months!

How many month of educational will be available in a year?

A student will get minimum three (3) and maximum five (5) assured months in a year for outstanding educational success. The educational months may bring outstanding success in academic life. Educational prospect in such a lucky month will be commendable.

Number of educational month is fixed every year - is it true?

No, never indeed. A person, while getting three auspicious months for educational pursuit this year, may get four or five months in the following year. Therefore, number of favorable educational month changes every year.

How to know the educational months?

Annual report is given to international users at the cost of US $4.50 and Indian users can pay INR Rs. 288 only.

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How will an educational month emerge before us?

A month of education will be auspicious for academic matters in a comprehensive sense.

  1. Attention will increase many times in academic pursuit in an educational month.
  2. Result of competitive examination published in an educational month will certainly fetch good marks altogether.
  3. If the test or exam was not satisfactory, but the result comes out in an educational month will certainly qualify the student.
  4. Ambition to admit into a big school or college, may get fulfilled if initiated in the educational months.
  5. Academicians, entrusted in research or higher studies will excel with remarkable innovation in an educational month.
  6. Aspiring researchers may get desired opportunity of higher studies in an educational month.
  7. Anything related to academic or educational pursuit will be highly successful, if initiated in an educational month.
Important Tips for Educational Month
  1. Pick up the best educational year.
  2. Know the best educational month from the calculator above.
  3. Know your auspicious days of a week.
  4. Know your monthly lucky dates.
  5. Check whether the same date falls in the list of important days in a month of education.
  6. If all the above factors coincides in a day of month of education; will simply bring miracle in one's academic career.

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Academic Qualification and Knowledge may not be Directly Proportional.
- Asish Kumar Das, 12th September 2016