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Educational Astrology, Academic Zodiac

Educational astrology analyzes academic Zodiac for success of the Sun sign nativities was my work in Indian astrology. Academic astrology focuses the planets entrusted in imparting knowledge to different Zodiac nativities. The fourth house of a horoscope denotes education. However, any house can play the role of education under certain conditions. Students while run through the phase of fourth house in educational horoscope get commendable success in academic career. While analyzing education horoscope it is seen that any planet can offer education, if it is being influenced by the fourth lord in natal chart. Position of fourth lord in the first house enhances the best educational success for everybody. Educational astrology could be scrutinized by each and every planet meticulously in a horoscope to forecast academic success of a student. Students may expect positive changes during lucky months for education. Enjoy! free educational astrology of Zodiac Sun signs online.

Analysis of Educational Astrology

Academic astrology of all the Sun signs based on Vedic astrology incorporates Annual academic forecast by the astrologer, Asish Kumar Das.

Aries Educational Astrology

Aries educational astrology could be made with the observation of the planet, Moon. Therefore, place of Moon at birth and rotation influences educational astrology of Arians. Thus, Moon while moving towards exaltation affords the best academic success and on debilitation causes problem. Lunar power is the sole factor to embrace a commendable academic career. Aries students are good in learning and also in teaching of writing books, novels, lucid expression of story, instructor, trainer and travel guide. The Moon in Cancer empowers educational success.

Taurus Educational Astrology

Taurus astrology for education remains in control of the Sun. Therefore, place of Sun during birth and transit influences educational pursuit. Thus, Sun while going to exaltation imparts the best academic opportunity and success while debilitation creates adverse situation. Solar power is the sole factor for a commendable academic career. Taureans are good at teaching of brilliant subjects like, science, technology, research and innovation. The Sun in Leo enhances educational success.

Gemini Educational Astrology

Gemini academic Zodiac rests under supervision of Mercury. Therefore, position of Mercury at birth and on transit influences commendable educational prospect. Thus, Mercury while moving towards exaltation imparts the best academic success while debilitation does the reverse in academic career. Geminis are fond of guiding in commercial and financial subject like, business management, economics, banking and finance respectively. Mercury in Virgo ensures breakthrough in educational career.

Cancer Educational Astrology

Cancer astrology for education is steered by the planet, Venus. Therefore, place of Venus during birth and rotation influences study life of Cancer. Thus, Venus while going to exaltation assures promising academic career and on debilitation invites dissatisfaction. Natives of this Sun sign usually like such a job which requires extreme use of brain power. Cancerians love studying and educating in business, tours, travel, foreign trade, aeronautical engineering, automobile technology, romance, counseling, show business and sexuality. Venus in Libra ensures sound academic career.

Leo Educational Astrology

Leo astrology for education remains in control of Pluto. Therefore, position of Pluto at birth and transit influences study life of Leos. Thus, Pluto while moving on way to exaltation imparts commendable academic success while debilitation makes weak in study. Leos are the most efficient teachers of higher studies, secret study, abstruse or occult science, old heritage, reconstruction and ultimate profitability. Pluto in Scorpio guarantees outstanding academic career.

Virgo Educational Astrology

Virgo academic astrology rests under supervision of Jupiter. Therefore, place of Jupiter during birth and transit influences educational life of Virgos. Thus, Jupiter while going towards exaltation imparts sound educational satisfaction and on debilitation causes failure in study life of Virgos. Virgo students are comfortable in learning and teaching of religious, spiritual, mythological, logic, ethics and rationality respectively. Besides, they can also become a spiritual Guru. Jupiter in Sagittarius makes the Virgos invincible in academic field.

Libra Educational Astrology

Libra educational horoscope remains in control of Saturn. Therefore, position of Saturn at birth while rotation influences academic astrology of Librans. Thus, Saturn while moving to exaltation imparts the best educational opportunity and on debilitation imparts poor academic prospect. Librans usually become successful student and eminent teachers with prophecy in various field of professional education. Capricorns helps Libras to be versatile in academic domain.

Scorpio Educational Astrology

Scorpio academic Zodiac stands on the place of Uranus. Therefore, Uranus during birth and transit influences academic astrology of Scorpians. Thus, Uranus while going to exaltation imparts the best study opportunity while debilitation initiates trouble in study. Scorpios are successful student and eminent teachers with efficiency in various field of income oriented education. Aquarius helps Scorpios to be famous in educational periphery.

Sagittarius Educational Astrology

Sagittarius astrology for education rests under supervision of Neptune. Therefore, position of Neptune at birth and transit influences academic astrology of the Sagittarians. Thus, Neptune while moving to exaltation help Saggitarius to build the best career and on debilitation invites problem in academic life. Saggitarians are successful student and the best teachers with efficiency in medicine, treatment, enjoyment and the highest spiritual values. Pisces helps Saggitarius to be an outstanding academician.

Capricorn Educational Astrology

Capricorn academic astrology remains in control of the planet, Mars. Therefore, place of Mars during birth and on rotation paves the way to the best education. Thus, Mars while going to exaltation imparts a healthy academic status while debilitation makes adverse situation in educational field. Capricornians are prospering student and roaring teachers of brilliant studies like; ethics, logic, economics, health, sports and value of honor and reputation. Capricorn academic astrology gets focused by the Aries.

Aquarius Educational Astrology

Aquarius astrology for education rests under supervision of Venus. Therefore, Venus at birth and on transit influences academic astrology of Aquarius. Thus, Venus while moving to exaltation imparts the best education while debilitation makes Aquarius unsuccessful in educational World. Aquarians are brilliant students and teachers of economy, finance, banking, insurance and all sorts of monetary studies. Besides, Aquarius has natural aptitude in vocal music. Taurus helps Aquarius to secure commendable success in education.

Pisces Educational Astrology

Pisces astrology for education depends solely on Mercury. Therefore, Mercury during birth and on rotation stimulates academic horoscope of the Pisces. Thus, Mercury while going to exaltation imparts the highest boost in educational career and on debilitation imparts poor academic record. Ethics and logic is the very prominent guiding notes of the Zodiac Pisces while choosing career. Pisces are outstanding students and teachers of sports, games, yoga, telecommunication, adventure, courage, risk and inner sibling values. Gemini helps Pisces to have a shining and unsullied educational career.

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Moon is the sole factor of imparting education to us.
- Asish Kumar Das, 13th March 2018