Earthquake Tsunami, Volcano, Politics

Earthquake and tsunami monthly predictions from Indian astrology. Besides, volcanic eruptions and political analysis free online. Forecast includes monthly occurrence of earthquake and tsunami round the year. Predictions include global natural and unnatural calamities, volcanic eruptions, tornado, typhoon, hurricane and cyclone respectively. Political situation of the World is predicted along with destructive events of natural and unnatural occurrence. This elevates the science of meteorology of weather forecast and atmospheric phenomena.

Year 2020 will be a year of Destruction

Earthquake and Tsunami Predictions March 2020

This might become an eventful month for catastrophe. Degree of severity remains high from the beginning. Possibility of earthquake may not be ruled out after, March 22. Possibility of big devastation may not be ruled out. Natural and unnatural catastrophe shares equal possibility. Air, Soil and fire might be the basic sources of destruction.

What is Earthquake and how it happens?

Quake or tremor under soil is called earthquake. Epicenter of earthquake is arbitrarily precarious. Planets and their ever changing angular positions creates epicenter. Frequency of earthquake will resume along with new problems of mudslide since, the year 2020 and the flow will remain active until the year 2038. Since April 2030 until June 2032, situation may turn out to be the worst when earthquake along with mudslides will emerge as a terrible problem. Global earthquake reports will be found here.

What is Tsunami and how it happens?

Quake or tremor under the bottom of sea is called tsunami. Mechanism of tsunami is the same, like earthquake, but the basic difference is that soil gets ruffled during earthquake and the same happens in water during tsunami. There is another possibility of a big tsunami in the beginning, January or February of the year 2035, but the degree of devastation will be 1/20th than that of December 26, 2004.

Volcanic Eruptions

There is possibility of more and more volcanic eruption in different parts of the World until the end of Dec 2020.

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