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Congenital Immaturity and Narcolepsy

Medical astrology analyzes free online congenital immaturity, narcolepsy and insomnia disease. Every human body enjoys effect of solar and lunar days. This projection is from Indian astrology. Every human body possess at least two weaker zones within since, birth; which is called congenital immaturity. Which are the weaker zones of my body? Congenital immaturity could be known from every individual horoscope. Knowledge of congenital immature body organs of a patient helps diagnosis of diseases and ensure quick recovery.

Congenital Immaturity in Brief

Congenital immaturity was my research in 2007 from medical astrology. This projects every human takes birth with minimum two and maximum five immature organs within body anatomy. People with two immature zones enjoy better health than those having more in numbers. Those immature zones of body keep us busy with various diseases throughout our life. And those immature organs become principal factors of our death in the long run. Congenital immaturity is an unavoidable natural phenomenon. This proves our life is so precarious; and dependent on the planetary influences.

How Congenital Immaturity Happens?

Congenital immaturity is inevitable and happens, when birth constellation gets saturated with respect to the quotient of solar and lunar day. Human being would become immortal if all the constellations would always remain unsaturated. There is polar difference between saturated and unsaturated constellations with respect to solar and lunar day.

Example: Mr. Bill Gates Thighs are congenitally immature


Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder happens due to sleeping disorder when our brain fails to regulate sleep-wake cycle. At various times throughout the day, people with narcolepsy experience instant urge for momentary sleep which lasts for few minutes. In rare cases, some people may remain asleep for hours or longer. Depending on position of the Sun during birth, every human body is habituated to enjoy a particular angular effect of sunlight. Birth place creates a perfect macho on the person born, although that effect is not so fatal, but avoidable. Human eyes are functionally different in accepting sunlight from different angles. Sunlight coming from a particular angle may have soothing effect to the eyes of a particular person, but may not be equally soothing to everyone. This happens due to formation of different refractive index (RI) in different eyes. This might be due to structural difference of body protein. Narcolepsy is purely a solar disease, caused due to unequal distribution of heat or calorie throughout the body. Beverages with toxic effects are responsible to cause narcolepsy. Insomnia is the output of narcolepsy.

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Everybody has Congenital Immaturity at least in Two Zones of Body.
- Asish Kumar Das, 16th September 2007