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Business year predicts annual business report from date of birth of a business person. This is a derivative of business astrology that covers trade success and failure and was my innovation from Indian astrology and numerology. Business horoscope predicts annual business future and its success and failure. Whereas business prediction caters some of its intricate factors in a lucid way by Indian astrology. Many businessman do not know correct information of their birth; that means, date, time, and place; however most of them know their respective birth date. So, keeping requirement of the majority in mind, this novel idea has been implemented to fulfill necessity of them round the World uniformly.

How to know business prediction this year?

Report of annual business will appear in a moment after, selection of date of birth. You may save time by selecting your birth number in the date section.

Business Year Report - DOB
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Which categories of business are focused in this report?

Comprehensive aspects of business profession are projected in this business calculator. Business focused here are; aviation, transport and carrier, communication, tourism, exotic, foreign, commercial organization, health products, medical facilities, banking, financial organization, intellectual, manufacturing, teaching, housing, food stuff, defense, security, news and broadcasting, sports and games, research and work in higher academic field, secret agency respectively.

How will the forecasts benefit business career this year?

Almost all the factors of business or trade are incorporated in this annual report.

  1. How will my business luck this year?
  2. How entertaining will be my business year?
  3. Will my business run steady or fluctuating this year?
  4. How will be my business health this year?
  5. Will it be a lucky business year for new venture?
  6. Should I go for new investment this year?
  7. Will my investment fetch desired dividend this year?
  8. Should I go for expansion of business this year?
  9. Will there be any financial crisis in this business year?
  10. How will be the competitors behavior this year?
  11. How will business partners behave this year?
  12. Will there be competitors threat or sabotage this year?
  13. Will there be any threat from the Government?
  14. Should I go for partnership business this year?
  15. Should I choose international business this year?
  16. Will overseas business be profitable this year?
  17. Should I choose manufacturing business this year?
  18. Will business of ready-made products bring profit in 2017?

Complementary service besides, annual business report

Report of business year provides annual business forecast. Besides, a business person will come to know lucky months for new business. A broad coverage of commercial prospects have been provided from numerology by pointing out all the important factors of business.

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Venus gives stability and satisfaction in business.
- Asish Kumar Das, 20th January 2015