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What is business astrology?

Business question begins with brief knowledge of business astrology in the light of Indian astrology, which helps business success in the sphere of commercial venture, industry, finance and capital investment. Meticulous utilization of time to succeed and fetch the best dividend ensuring consistent growth of an organization.

How occult science helps business?

This is a very basic question in the sphere of commercial management. Business horoscope today and tomorrow can forecast the exact picture of a day. Occult science for commerce helps us use meticulous application of auspicious time for a definite growth of a commercial organization by reducing wastage of resources and maximizing profit.

How could business fluctuation be analyzed?

This is a very serious question to sustain commercial growth. There is no other definite way of time to predict fluctuation, but to get help from the business horoscope of the entrepreneur or owner forecasting fluctuations in commerce of the person.

What is the greatest factor of success?

This is another important question to establish an organization. The greatest factor of success in business is certainly utilization of the best time from individual birth chart to initiate business luck.
Question may arise – how many people start their enterprise during the best business month of their life according to the report from their respective horoscope?
Business answer is very simple – some people start organization knowingly i.e. after consultation of their horoscope and the other unknowingly. But not necessary that only the known people i.e. who took help of occult science will succeed and those who din’t take help of their horoscope will be failure. Because, the unknown horoscopes are simply unexplored only, but could never be said, inferior; rather it’s the mind driven by instinct paves the way to success.
N. B. - In this context we should pay regards to the planets like, Uranus which stimulates urge in us, Neptune ignites our stamina and Pluto rouses our power of intuition.

How can we build up a successful industry?

This is a common question for the initiation of an industrial organization. The basic concept is rigidly the same i.e. utilization of auspicious time. While thinking of industry, machinery plays inevitably the big role. Please note that, day and time of first use of any machinery must be auspicious, which will ensure longest durability of the machine, as well as enhance uninterrupted production with the highest quality. Last but not the least; such a continuous practice will definitely reduce unwanted damage or accidents in the industries, where health of the labors will be protected.

How can we judge time management?

Such a question is often asked by an entrepreneur while facing obstruction in the mission. Objective of time management is to use time in a most productive way to materialize business ventures successfully. Occult science for commerce can render and show the most effective way to manage time. Horoscope can highlight the most effective time altogether.

How can we analyze man management?

This is the most tricky question which ensure commercial growth. Besides time management, man management is another important functional criterion in business and industry, where man power is allowed to be involved in business. If we consider recruitment of new employee, a certain factor need to consider is the day of recruitment. This is hardly possible to judge astrological report of every new comer before recruitment, but one thing could be done at ease to find a suitable day for interview for them from the horoscope of the owner, which will certainly help to find the most befitting candidates for the said organization. This is how; astrology could be of great help in the sphere of man management.

How can we justify capital investment?

This is perhaps the most important question on business luck. Astrology deals with time along with its pros and cons. Most auspicious time could be determined from the horoscope of an investor to guide for capital investment. Thus, astrology can protect investors from loss of capital and simultaneously ensures uninterrupted growth of business.

How to judge business of an individual?

This question relates to unitary trade. A lucky business year can change a lot. Individual entrepreneurship is easy to analyze, because there will only be a single horoscope as a guiding factor of every ups and downs of the organization or organizations provided the person possesses several business outlets.

How to judge commercial partnership?

This indeed, a million dollar question for a giant organization. In business partnership, there will be several factors of their horoscopes to guide commercial fluctuations, where three (3) factors play important role.
Factor 1 - If all the business partners run through bad phases, according to their respective horoscope, the organization may suffer remarkably big loss and even there is possibility of extinction of the organization too.
Factor 2 - If one particular business partner runs through bad phase according to its horoscope, the organization may suffer a nominal loss, but that will never jeopardize existence of the organization.
Factor 3 - If all the business partners run through the best phases of their lives according to their respective horoscope, the organization will definitely run definitely with success to consolidate its existence in the trade world and amongst the competitors as well.

Which is better, individual or partnership?

This question confirms as well as guides the entrepreneurs while entering into the World of trade. It is certainly business partnership considered better than individual entrepreneurship. Because, there remain several horoscopes which act as balancing factors, when a particular factor i.e. a particular partner suffers from bad patch of time.

How to inaugurate an organization?

This is perhaps the most singular question which guarantees fate of an organization. The inauguration day of any organization must be the most auspicious day, which will be endowed with heavenly blessings for its full manifestation.

Does provide relevant service?

We are glad to reply this question; yes, Astrocopia offers comprehensively singular services to the esteemed clients.

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Every individual gets a favorable day out of every nine days.
- Asish Kumar Das