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Business month predicts lucky months for old and new business by date of birth numerology was my discovery in Indian astrology in 2016. This new concept of trade and commerce is a gift of Vedic numerology and is applicable for both, new as well as present trade. Trade entrepreneurs will get to know instant good months to start a new business every year. The forecasts of auspicious month of business would be highly effective to venture new business by the irrespective business magnets. When will I start a new business? This is a very common query of a businessman. Enjoy! the best business months, free online.

How to know lucky business months?

Your favorable months for business will appear in a moment after, selection of date of birth. You may save time by selecting your birth number in the date section.

Lucky Business Months - DOB
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When should I start a new business this year?

Everyone will get minimum three to maximum five lucky months to start new business every year. Trust, any month out of those, may bring about the breakthrough in business; if supported by other factors of horoscope. Please note that, coordination of personal horoscope is necessary along with this forecast of numerology; to obtain a confirmed date or span of time for new business.

Number of business month is fixed in every year - is it true?

No, never indeed. A person, while getting three auspicious months to start a new business this year, may get four or five business months in the following year. Therefore, number of favorable business month changes every year.

How will the lucky months for business emerge before us?

A month of business will must be auspicious for new leads in a comprehensive sense.

  1. Entrepreneurs may go for new business lead in a business month.
  2. New proposals of business appearing in such an auspicious month will pay off.
  3. Diversification of enterprise could be made during a business month.
  4. Trade investment could be increased in a business month ensuring assured dividend.
  5. Anything related to trade will be successful, if initiated in a month of business.
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None, but spouse plays the key role in business success.
- Asish Kumar Das, 12th September 2016