What is Autism?

Autism is a genetic disorder, where recessive characters of parents become dominant in their kids. Moon powers primary symptoms of autistic disorder. Autism is purely a lunar disease, where acquired introverted characters of parental genes become commanding in the kids. Moon is the steering factor of autism that acts on mind. The recessive genetic factors of the parents manifest as a dominant character on their children and gives rise to autism. Medical astrology analyzes the basic cause of autism. Hyper-activity is found to be the primary symptom of autism.

Causes of Autism

Autism is manifestation of acquired genetic qualities. The disease has fluctuating mode of action on mind of the patients. Physical debility, mental retardation due to excessive stress, fatigue help autism to grow. Pesticides used in agriculture and genetically modified food, ecological pollution and inadequate care before and during pregnancy are the factors causing autism.

Autism: Symptoms and Treatment

Span of suffering and less troubling time could be detected from the horoscope of a autism patient. According to medical astrology, autism is not absolutely a curable disease but its period of ups and downs could be predicted. Chemical drugs on prolonged use may bring about somatic disorder. So to avoid those hazards, controlled medicine should be administered in the day before the acute phase, on the acute day and also in the day after. A day might become critical to a particular patient, but never for every patient. Cycle of critical phase of an autistic rotates at least once in every 27 days. Thus, we can reduce usage of chemical medicine and minimize health risk. Meditation helps a lot to overcome mild autism. Besides psychological problems, autism causes physical debilities and deformities as stated below:-

  1. Speech problem which may begin with mild to moderate stammering and even might become complete dumb.
  2. Mal-function of respiratory system and heart, which manifests as timidity.
  3. Abnormal digestive disorders and allied problems in gastrointestinal (GI) tract
  4. Immaturation of the brain cells results in lack of intellect.
  5. Weak hands
  6. Weak immune system, as a result the patient may become susceptible to any disease.
  7. Poor growth of the sex organs and non proliferation of sex cells
  8. Lack of control in urination and evacuation.
  9. Lack of growth of the thigh muscles.
  10. Weak knees
  11. Slender legs
  12. Weak toes

Medical astrology can help combat autism.

Besides autism,
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  3. Congenital immaturity
  4. In vitro fertilization
  5. Service of astrology
Everyone Inherits Congenital Immaturity at least in Two Body Zones.
- Asish Kumar Das, 16th September 2007