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Business development by astrological guidance online that enriches luck in trade and commerce from Indian astrology. Commercial analysis of the Zodiac, Sun signs enrich business luck. This is entrepreneurs astrology which includes tips for development assuring consistent growth and the prospect of business or trade. This website contains free business astrology and its relevance to deal with finance and monetary transaction in the capital market. Problems and solutions will be there, but those require meticulous preparation before, investment to ensure better dividend. The common philosophy of business solution is based on minimum financial investment, but maximum profit which may come to true and may not; as it depends on a lot more unforeseen factors of the investors. Although logical speculation plays the biggest role in this case, but cannot secure consistent profit. Developmental astrology for business guides online most effectively by taking the notion away from the arena of hoping and guessing, rather it consolidates on a sound foundation of ethics and logic. Simultaneously, it puts on a consolidated platform of confidence where success will be assured mathematically and speculation would hardly be necessary. Thus, astrology for business development proves its efficacy in every sphere of trade and finance.

Astrology enriches the luck of trade development endorses that like everything in our life, the flow of business also follows a definite track of ups and downs. Fluctuation is a word, applicable everywhere, also in business as well. Whether business development will be satisfactory or not depends, solely on the planetary influences; however, business luck could be enriched by astrology; thus become rich. This is a common event in the global financial market that it declines at the interval of every eighteen years and the trend of a recession gets arrested after, two years to back to normalcy as well as to pave the way for future growth. As politics is an inseparable part of the global economy, so in this context, we need to know that political situations of the world get jeopardized by the interval of every thirty years and require ten more years for reformation by wiping out all the damages. This is a continuous process, which is rotating since the birth of Earth along with our growing society. Moreover, if we recapitulate the history of human civilization throughout the world, so far our knowledge goes, we will find that all the biggest events of destruction used to happen after, every thirty years.

An important factor has to be kept in context of luck of trade development is topographical nemesis, which is a part of mundane astrology. For analysis, if we just pick up a particular place of Earth from history, which was found very troubled since time immemorial and the character recurs as on date at the interval of a certain span of time. Each and every place of Earth has its own in-built feature, which is mixed with positivity as well as negativity too. When positivity recurs, where will the negativity go? Please note that not a single place on Earth is devoid of this congenital feature.

How can astrology help in business development?

Astrology for business development has a comprehensive periphery of activity with immense success. I would love to share my experience with you all behind the development and the success story of my website, It was the year, 2007 when I launched my site, several people of my network cherished pessimism about the success of the site because, most of them believed that Astrocopia is a very common word, so my site would hardly get exposure to come first on search by the search engines. Surprisingly, after 12 days of launching, I discovered my site started to rank first in the search report of Google. Then, my friends started to appreciate my novel research in astrology. Besides, got the initial page rank 4, attributed by Google just after three months. Besides the normal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) procedure, I implemented the astrological technique in SEO, just to justify the validity of my research and the work of development, which I worked for years together. I was very confident about the success and which bore fruit eventually within a very small span of time.

Now the question is, What is the astrological technique of SEO? Please be informed that it is nothing but determination and implementation of the highest span of auspicious time for buying a new domain as well as for launching a new website. Moreover, this novel concept could easily be applied in any sort of business venture to assure the highest dividend.

Business development, while personified

Like humans, a business enterprise also possesses a horoscope since its initiation, which will act as a guiding factor for all sorts of development and vice-versa. While discussing planetary influence over business development, we need to remember two factors from the planetary perspective. The first factor is the planetary position during the birth or initiation of a business organization and the second factor is the rotational effect of the planets at present, both factors will guide the development of the organization.

This has clearly been discussed in my book, Luster of Eternity (ISBN: 1413735746), that with the help of Plus Four (+4) Theory horoscope of a business organization could be divided into twelve (12) segments, or departments, considering its mode of works, which are analyzed free, as follows:-

  1. Infrastructure and Labour
  2. Invested or Reserve Capital
  3. Resources, Products and Market
  4. Technical Know-How
  5. Manufacturing Skill
  6. Loans, Competitors and Enemies
  7. Utilization of Resources and Selling of the Products
  8. Research and Development (R&D)
  9. Strategy or Marketing Policy
  10. Implementation of the Policies
  11. Profit and in-Company Satisfaction
  12. Expenditure and Customer Satisfaction

Now, we will notice the above factors carry bigger weight than the others. According to plus four (+4) theory,
We know, 1 < 5 < 9 [9 is greater than 5 and 5 is greater than 1]

1) Infrastructure and Labour
5) Development of Manufacturing Skill
9) Strategy or Marketing Policy

1) Good infrastructure, machinery, and manpower are the primary requirement of a company.
5) But it is more important that the infrastructure and machinery should be sophisticated and man-power should be well-skilled.
9) But the most important factor is the policy or strategy of the company, which guides the production unit in keeping a view of the development of the marketing and sales objective.

Now, 2 < 6 < 10 [10 is greater than 6 and 6 is greater than 2]

2) Invested or Reserve Capital
6) Loans, Competitors and Enemies
10) Implementation of the Policies

2) Capital investment is the primary job to build any business organization.
6) But very often, competitor's activities become an inevitable factor for further investment of a company. Damage to the machinery, whether it is accidental or intentional, also demands further capital investment. A loan, if it is bigger than the tangible limit of the company may invite financial imbalance.
10) But it is absolutely meticulous implementation of the policy, which can save the company from such hazards and ensures steady development.

Now, 3 < 7 < 11 [11 is greater than 7 and 7 is greater than 3]

3) Resources, Products and Market
7) Utilization of Resources and Selling of the Products
11) Profit and in-company Satisfaction

3) The life of a company remains in the products it manufactures. Philosophy of manufacturing should concentrate to elevate the content first, then the container. Therefore, a good product is the primary resource of a company and then a demanding market.
7) Business development starts from the distribution of the products into the market and reaching into the hands of the buyers. The job of the marketing people is to create demand and the salespeople are entrusted to satisfy them.
11) Only profit justifies the utilization of the resources. Unless marketing and salespeople perform their job, the company will not see any profit as a result there will be no in-house satisfaction.

Now, 4 < 8 < 12 [12 is greater than 8 and 8 is greater than 4]

4) Development of Technical Know-How
8) Research and Development (R&D)
12) Expenditure and Customer Satisfaction

4)Technical expertise is a very essential tool of development and is considered the powerhouse for any business organization.
8) But research and development (R&D) is the unit of a company, which sharpens or develops technicalities for the new and sophisticated products as well as predicts the lifespan of the new products with anticipation for the future market.
12) But sophistication to build better products should keep pace with the company budget and also within the purchasing capacity of the buyers.

Remarks: Application of Plus Four (+4) Theory is the most effective aspect of trade astrology to analyze a business organization in a novel avenue to the students of the stream concerned, this is of course, without dismantling all the existing concepts of business administration rather complementing them.

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Astrology can bring unimaginable success in business.
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