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Astrological Remedies

Astrological remedies against adverse planets is the topic of this page. Planets exert favorable as well as adverse effects on each other. Our beloved earth, as a member of the solar family enjoys the effects of other members and also reciprocates the same to them. Thus, effects of other planets while showered on earth are being enjoyed by each and every living and non living thing within the earth. Medical astrology provides better idea about action of the planets on human body. Enjoy, Vedic astrological remedies.

Prayer is one of the best Vedic astrology remedy

Amongst various types of astrological remedies in a horoscope, prayer is the unique as well as the noble way to prevent adverse effects of the planets as well as restoring peace. Astrology has no contradiction with religion and prayer rather it guides people on their respective ways ensuring mental peace.

Utilization of auspicious time the best astrological remedies

This is another wise method among all other methods of best Vedic astrological remedies against adverse planetary effects. As we know, sterilization is the key word and is compulsory in sterile pharmaceutical production. Therefore, comprehensive measures are taken in the laboratories of any pharmaceutical industry to ensure sterile and hygienic production.

Food habit, a decent way of astrological remedy

This is considered one of the easiest way of Vedic astrological remedy against adverse planetary effects. Vegetarian food habit is the best and the safest for human body.

Physical-exercise, the best astrological Remedy

This is another wonderful method in Indian astrology to avoid planetary adversity. To build up a perfect body, care should be taken on all the parts equally to facilitate uniform growth and maturity.

Meditation, the spiritual way of astrological remedies

Meditation is another classical method to nullify planetary adversity which has been endorsed by Vedic astrology from time immemorial. Mind is the fastest, which moves even faster than light. Meditation ensures peace of mind.

Medication, the inevitable way of astrological remedies

This is an unavoidable remedy of astrology when our physique fall sick and that could be explored from our horoscope. Medication is a common practice throughout the world and is the best known astrological remedy.

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