Aquarius Horoscope 2017, Annual and Monthly Forecast

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

Aquarius is the eleventh Zodiac, a fixed sign, the third gaseous or airy as well as the fourth static or fixed Zodiac that extends from 300 degrees to 330 degrees and is symbolized by a pitcher. Aquarius is represented by Uranus and Saturn respectively and its Zodiac nativities. Aquarius denotes legs, particularly the calf muscles in a human body. Aquarius love or spouse and business remain under control of the Sun, academic, prospect of luck and parents are determined by Venus, job remains under influence of Mars, children under Mercury and Jupiter steers income respectively. Aquarius annual and monthly horoscopes online from Indian astrology are predicted.

Aquarius Annual Horoscope 2017

  • Health might decline until, the month of August; however situation may improve since, September onward. This is not a favorable year in terms of health. Academic and domestic front remain congenial in the first half of the year.
  • Spouse will have moderately good health; however stress and strain may remain. Income of spouse remains satisfactory until, October.
  • Love life may not prevail satisfactory; however the months of February and March will bring more satisfaction.
  • Children will remain in good health along with a note of further improvement since, September. Academic prospect of the Aquarius kids will be remarkable during the second half. Couples opting for baby may find the month of August highly conducive for conception.
  • Parents will remain moderately in good health, where father will enjoy better health than mother. Finance of the parents remain satisfactoy.
  • Job or employment field will remain congenial this year. Aquarius job seekers may find the month of January befitting for new job.
  • Business may bring success during the second half of this year. However, harvesting of profit may not be satisfactory.
  • Income, by the grace of God will be steady and consistent. The months of October, November and December may fetch better inflow of money.
  • Expenditure will remain very high this year. Wastage of money should be resisted.

Aquarius astrology = Sun sign + Moon sign + Rising sign

Aquarius forecasting features

Aquarius annual and monthly horoscopes incorporate; health, chronic disease, parasitic infestation, honor and recognition, money, wealth, success in academic field, politics, gambling, spirituality and time for religious inclination respectively. Aquarius romance compatibility, spouse, life partner, love life, conjugal harmony, extra-marital affair, separation and divorce are also included. Aquarius children or kids, filial affection, pregnancy, good month to conceive or time of conception for baby, health and prospect of the parents, father, paternal blessing, mother, maternal blessings are highlighted. Aquarius finance, career, new job situation or employment field, subordinates, overseas venture, secret service, rewards from working field, distant missions, business infrastructure, labour problem, investment and profit and income and expenditure are described.

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Aquarius Monthly Prediction

April 2017

Health remains well, despite all odds along with increase of wealth. Academic and domestic missions remain highly satisfactory. Health of spouse will run from good to better since, April 15 along with tour and fun. Love life remains well, but may not be satisfactory. New affair may not evolve now. Health of children will be no issue along with academic prospect. Couples opting for baby may not find this month suitable for conception. Parents will enjoy good health altogether. Father will enjoy better health and wealth as well. Mother will have good health and her economy remains strong. Job situation will remain congenial until, April 12. Possibility of getting new job will remain high. Business will run from good to better gradually; however profit may not be satisfactory. Income, by the grace of God remains steady and consistent. Expenditure will reduce a lot.

Aquarius Reading

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