World Earthquake and Tsunami Forecast 2014

Earthquake forecast incorporates anticipated occurrence of quake along with tsunami, volcanic eruptions, tornado, typhoon, hurricane or cyclone and also global political situation on the basis of astrological outlook. This is a novel endeavor to project anticipated time when the frequency of quake may increase to a great extent than the rests. Hope, this unique effort from Indian astrology would further elevate the science of meteorology to a new mark of altitude. Simultaneously this will strengthen the meteorological department to offer better forecast of weathers report or atmospheric phenomena. Occurrence of quake is very common from mild to moderate frequency, but our objective is to place some span of dates when occurrence and intensity of quake will definitely increase or decrease. Forecasts are based on astrological analysis in every month round the year. In this context viewers may have a glance on the important days which can help them, to guess, impacts of the powerful days causing big events. Astrological forecast is made here on the basis of robust data derived from Vedic astrology.

Viewers will find some useful astrological information on weathers report or climate change, global warming, earthquake, tsunami (pronounce Sunami), mudslide, international situation, etc. along with forecast of occurrence. As the Earth is a motile body and due to its diurnal motion quake happens may be small, medium or with tolerable frequency in everyday somewhere in the globe and viewers may read global reports of the latest big earthquakes.

What is Earthquake and how it happens?

Quake under soil or earth is called earthquake. Frequency of quake has been augmented since the year 1991 and kept its flow same until the year 2009. Occurrence of earthquake will reduce to a great extent since the year 2010 and will remain same until 2019. After that, the frequency of earthquake will resume again along with new problems of mudslide since, the year 2020 and the flow will remain active until the year 2038. Since April 2030 until June 2032, situation may turn to be the worst when quake along with mudslide will emerge as a terrible problem in the world. Mudslide emerges as a new threat as an output of global warming. Epicenter of earthquake cannot remain fixed as it forms arbitrarily by the planets, and their angular positions, which is ever changing. Quake has no zonal limitation like Pacific, Atlantic or Indian Ocean and even of northern or southern hemisphere.

What is Tsunami and how it happens?

Quake under the bottom of a sea or ocean is called tsunami and could be considered an output of tremble under sea. Mechanism of tsunami is the same, like that of quake as described above and the basic difference is that soil gets ruffled during quake and the same happens with water during tsunami. Tsunami predictions have become very necessary after the powerful (9.0 Magnitude) occurrence on December 26, 2004. Regarding rumors of the re-occurrence of tsunami, this could be said with confidence that there will be "NO" such occurrence in near future. But probability of the occurrence of earthquake can't be ruled out. There is another possibility of a big tsunami in the beginning (Jan/Feb) of the year 2035, but the degree of devastation will be 1/20th than that of December 26, 2004.

Earthquake and Tsunami Forecast 2014

January 2014

Destructive events related to air and fire may happen during the first half of the month. There is hardly any possibility of big quake or tsunami this month.

February 2014

There is hardly any possibility of big quake or tsunami this month; however chance of aerial destruction will remain very high after, February 4 onward. The second half of the month will be highly eventful.

March 2014

This will comparatively be a safe month in comparison to the last. However, the measures of precaution should be kept alive until, March 25. There is hardly any possibility of big natural catastrophe like, earthquake or tsunami this month.

April 2014

This will be a highly eventful month, when frequency of earthquake will increase to a great extent and the flow will remain viable since, April 9 until, April 28. Catastrophe related to heavy wind and fire may not be ruled out. Possibility of gaseous explosion may remain high.

May 2014

The first half of the month will remain tranquil; however the second half may witness mild to moderate earthquake. Possibility of huge devastation could be ruled out. Air and fire might be the source of catastrophe and there is no chance of tsunami this month.

June 2014

The world will come into equilibrium gradually after, June 18; however possibility of mild to moderate quake will before, the said date. Chance of heavy wind or cyclone will remain high since, June 15 until, June 19. The nature will become tranquil since, June 20 onward.

July 2014

This would comparatively be a tranquil month in comparison to the earlier one. However, possibility of aerial catastrophe may not be ruled out after, July 13 and the trend will remain high until, July 31. This month may not witness remarkably big incidence of earthquake and tsunami altogether.

August 2014

This will considerably be a tranquil month in terms of natural catastrophe like, earthquake or tsunami; however possibility of areal disaster will reduce a lot after, August 7 and 23 subsequently. Frequency of areal disaster may remain considerably high since, August 17 and the flow will remain same until, August 28.

September 2014

This will be a devastating month when both natural and unnatural catastrophe may happen one after another. Possibility of earthquake may not be ruled this month until, September 25. Heavy devastation may happen with the elementary combination of air and fire after, September 7 onward. Episode of heavy tsunami may appear again after, September 4 and the flow will remain same until, rest of the month.

October 2014

This will considerably be a tranquil month than the earlier one in terms of earthquake and areal destruction. However, possibility of tsunami will sustain until, October 18.

November 2014

Keep watching ..........

December 2014

Keep watching ..........

Earthquake and Tsunami Forecast 2013

August 2013

Incidents of quake will remain high until, August 5. A dangerous phase of unnatural catastrophe may start to happen since, August 16. New incidents of quake may appear again since August 20 onward.

Report: Chemical attack on civilians in Syria.

December 2013

This will be another eventful month. The first half of the month may witness smaller events; however the second half may experience new and bigger events of destruction related to air and fire. Possibility of huge destruction could be ruled out.

Earthquake and Tsunami Forecast 2012

December 2012

Incidents of severe quake along with tsunami may emerge with remarkably bigger size after December 18. There is fair possibility of artificial catastrophe during this month.

Report: Devastating shootings in Connecticut, USA on 14th December 2012 took 26 lives, including 20 children.

Earthquake and Tsunami reports 2011

February 2011

But frequency of quake may emerge again after February 6.

Report: Incident of quake (6.3 magnitude) in Christchurch, New Zealand on February 22, 2011 caused 75 casualties.

March 2011

Frequency of earthquake may remain continued in the month of March. Second half of the month may seem to be more vulnerable.

Report: Incident of quake (8.9 magnitude) in Fukushima, Japan on March 11, 2011 caused more than 10 thousand casualties, which is next to World War II for the country.

Report: Incident of quake (6.8 magnitude) in Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and China on March 24, 2011.

April 2011

Incidents of quake may get reduced during the first half of April. Quake along with tsunami may emerge with higher frequency after April 15.

Report: Incident of mild to moderate quake along with tsunami is possible within the span of April 23 until May 3, but degree of devastation will be much lower than the incident happened on March 11, 2011 in Japan.

July 2011

This month may witness more incidents of volcanic eruptions. Race of fire-arms, and fire accidents may get increased to a remarkable extent. Comprehensive precaution should be taken against artificial catastrophe after July 20. Political situation may deteriorate.

Report: Incident of mass killing in Norway on 22nd July 2011 caused more than 70 casualties.

Volcanic Eruptions

There is possibility of more and more volcanic eruption in different parts of the world during next 10 years, i.e. until the end of Dec 2020. But volcanos, remaining under sea may get awake and erupt more frequently with the highest intensity until April 2017. (14 May 2010)

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