Weekly Lucky Days from Your Day of Birth

Lucky day forecast from day of birth was my discovery from Indian astrology in the year 2014; however this new topic derives from Vedic numerology. Viewers will get to know instant good days of a week round the year. This is highly useful and wonderful as well where users will certainly be happy and contented. The concept of weekly lucky day will be very effective and handy to the users of irrespective class of people without any hassle. Many people in the world are keen to know about lucky day of a week and a lot of queries we receive in this regard. Now a concrete solution is at hand and everyone can enjoy it just by selecting their respective day of birth from the given calculator and the result will appear in a moment. If at all anybody cannot remember its day of birth, can easily get it from the calendar. We appreciate users should verify this work with their own experience in daily life. So keeping requirement in mind of the majority of the mass, this novel idea has got equipped and implemented to fulfill necessity of all the people, round the world uniformly. Maybe, the world was waiting for this online presentation for a long time, which now came into reality. Enjoy, your weekly auspicious days free.

How do I know my day of birth?

One has to select date of birth in the calender and the day of birth will appear automatically.

How can I ascertain my birthday?

Please be informed that according to western astrology, a day changes with the change of a date and that happens just after midnight, but in accordance with Vedic astrology, a day is considered from the time of Sun rise until, the moment before, Sunrise of the following day. Therefore, people, who was born after, midnight; should select the earlier date as birth date to get the correct result from this calculator. This calculator follows western system, whereas the work over here follows Vedic system of prediction. Therefore, always mind your time of birth, if it is after, 24.00 or 00.00 at night the date will change, but the day remains same according to Vedic system. Thus, we can get the actual day of birth. If you are born after, midnight, in such case, I suggest that you to select the previous date, so that the day will remain same and rest assured to get the actual forecast. Thus, we can avoid anomalies, confusion and misguidance as well. Hope everyone can now, find out correct birthday independently.

Will these days from the calculator remain auspicious to me forever?

Yes, indeed. This is your birth print and will remain unchanged in your life for good. It was practically not unknown to you before, which you could have practised unknowingly in your day to day activities and experience; however you are now confident about its credibility.

How many favorable days will be available in a week?

According to this school of astrology, there will be four (4) significant days in a week. Weekly lucky day act as a birth print throughout our lives.

Will there be any more positive days in a week besides the report found here?

Please be informed that exception lies in nature; therefore, possibility of more lucky days are possible besides the forecast available here. There are some other factors which can make any day a lucky one.

What is my day of birth?

There are seven (7) days in a week and we take birth on a particular day out of seven. If the day of birth is unknown to you or have forgotten may find from the calendar given in the blue below and written with the text, Know your Day of Birth.

How to get weekly auspicious days?

This is very simple to obtain successful days of a week here. Anybody can get it by selecting day of birth from the drop-down list of the calculator in blue and click on Submit. The favorable days will appear before you in a moment.

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How will a lucky day emerge before us?

The effects will must be lucky in a comprehensive sense. A brief note, in this regard could be studied below:-

  1. Outcome of all the incidents happening during such a lucky day will certainly go in favor.
  2. A lot of important works could be accomplished with assured success.
  3. Students appearing to test or examination, may certainly score well.
  4. A blessed day could be getting from here for a mother giving birth to her baby.
  5. A favorable day to undertake C-section for cesarean birth may also be available here.
  6. A new dwelling place or house could be opened for use.
  7. A new car could be started to run.
  8. Such a lucky day will be highly beneficial for joining in a new job or assignment.
  9. A new business project or factory could be inaugurated.
  10. Good news may come, for which you might be waiting eagerly for a long time.
  11. Important meetings for business deals will come out with success.
  12. Pending payments will be realized.
  13. Memorable dating is possible and if, the lovers having the same lucky date, meeting will just become vibrant.
  14. Exciting or new job offer may come making your day.
  15. Business deal may bring about desired result.
  16. Correct diagnosis of disease may propel early recovery from prolonged diseases.
  17. Tasty and delicious food in the menu will be assured along with sound sleep.
  18. Finally, mind will be filled with joy and enthusiasm, which will make life rosy.
  1. Get a lucky date.
  2. Pick up a good month which would give better experience of life.
  3. Pick up a lucky year and rest assured of your success with confidence.
  4. Check whether the same day falls in the list of important days too.
  5. Double check whether the same day comes into the list of lucky time also.
  6. If all the above factors coincides in a day; that will simply be the best and will bring miracle or windfall in one's life.

Daily horoscope calculated from date of birth of a person can be a source of unlimited joy for all.

Soul is our sole identity.
- Asish Kumar Das, 07th April 2014