Love Calculator, Vedic Romance Compatibility Meter

Love calculator from date of birth was my innovation from affair astrology in the year 2013; however this new topic derives from Vedic numerology. All the factors of romance, right from amorous part to hazardous factors are incorporated here in the analysis of the match calculator. Affair, while matures in conjugal life, partners experience a lot of invincible factors of each other gradually and those properties control duration of the relationship between the couples. Adjustment is the prime factor in love life or match making where a lot of factor play their respective role altogether. Sun signs, Moon signs and ascendant or rising signs are the most important factors in a horoscope to judge inter personal relationship, particularly in romance. Identical or friendly Sun sign between the pair ensures cohesion in mode of action. The same for Moon sign facilitates the way of thought or like mindedness or mental unity as well as sex compatibility. Viewers will get here instant report on relationship between two person. This is the best romance compatibility calculator available free online.

The calculator has no limitation of application

This calculator of romance has no limitation of application. Would-be couples can also use this calculator to judge the partner before going into marital tie-up. Besides, judging properties of hetero-sexual couples or pairs; this calculator could be used even to judge the pairs of same sex compatibility Besides, favorable rising sign paves the way for comfort in body or physical attraction. If those three factors coincides for a couple, in addition to the report from this calculator; that couple will be the happiest in the world. This calculator deals with numerology and requires birth date of the lovers to cast its instant judgment.

Strong factors of conjugal harmony besides the result of the calculator

Apart from the report of the calculator, an affair stands on three important factors like; thought, action and emotion respectively. Which are controlled by Moon signs, Sun signs as well as rising signs for any couple. Cohesion in thought remains under the influence of the Moon. Thus, identical or friendly position of the Moon in the horoscopes of a couple ensures strong mental affinity as well as optimum sexual satisfaction. Similar mode of work or action is governed by the Sun. Thus, amicable position of the Sun in the horoscopes of a couple assures further enhancement of the relationship. Last, but not the least emotion is the most delicate factor of feeling which takes the lions share in the field of romance. Rising sign indicates body; thus, favorable rising sign of the couples satisfies emotion by boosting up physical comfort and copulation.

How to use the romance calculator?

This is the simplest and the most scientific calculator of romance available online without any hassle or restrictions. You do not need to write your birth date manually. Just click on the blank space specified to enter date of birth; a calendar will open automatically and select the same from there. Please select date of birth (DOB) of the male partner above and do the same for the female partner below. The result of love compatibility score will appear before you within a moment on clicking the Submit button. Time format: DD/MM/YYYY Scrolling of calendar could be avoided, if you know your birth number.

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The Moon controls sexual pleasure

Besides reading from the calculator, auspicious position of the Moon in the horoscopes of a couple guarantees mental unity between them. In addition, it offers amazing sexual life. Please be informed that, there are fourteen (14) types of genital organs available amongst the whole humans of the world and that has both versions like, male as well as female. Those organs are formed by the Moon, while it runs through the different constellations. Moreover, some of the sex organs are friendly to each other, some are enemies to each other and the rests remain neutral. Therefore, identical or friendly Moon sign accommodates the most compatible sex organs between the couples and makes a time tested conjugal relationship in the society. This is a common fact and would be supported by any romance checker. The calculator in blue calculates numerical factors of relationship between a couple.


Calculation of this love meter derives from birthday of a couple is handy and useful as well. Hope, everyone will enjoy the unique love calculator, which provides a combinational report from Indian astrology as well as numerology. Besides the part of calculation, viewers can read a variety of romantic topics like, romance astrology, romance horoscope, love features and love questions respectively. Daily horoscope calculated from date of birth of a person can be a source of unlimited joy for all. Personalized reading is available on payment. We have detailed service packages.

Venus brings the best color in love life.
- Asish Kumar Das, 12th May 2013