Libra Horoscope 2016, Annual & Monthly Forecast

Libra September 23 - October 22

Libra horoscope begins with the seventh Zodiac sign, the second gaseous or airy as well as the third movable or cardinal Zodiac cycle extends from 180 degrees to 210 degrees. Libra astrology is symbolized by scales of balance. Although Venus is earthy and gaseous in nature, but water may exist in it, which might be due to constellational effect of the Moon of Earth. Venus is the controller of Libra Zodiac. Besides formation of somatic cells, Venus has the key role to produce reproductive cells in association with different planets in human body. Libra signifies personality, wife, business, vehicle or movement. Venus, when afflicted causes obesity, ocular, glandular and sexual diseases. Auspicious position of Venus in a horoscope ensures wealth, muscular body, glamorous eyes, melodious voice, friendly nature, optimum sexual power, strong excretory and genital organs respectively. Enjoy! free Libra annual and monthly horoscopes online from Indian astrology.

Libra Annual Horoscope 2016

  • Health will remain fine excluding the month of September. Mental anxiety may increase on account of kids, academic and domestic matters; however prosperity should come in defiance of all obstacles.
  • Spouse will enjoy good health this year; however the second half may not run as smooth as the earlier period.
  • Love life remains congenial. Possibility of new affair might appear on or before, August 15.
  • Children remains certainly in good health and academic prospect will also be satisfactory. Couples opting for baby may find the month of March auspiciously befitting for conception.
  • Parents health will be no issue this year; however health of father will improve since, September. Finance of father seem to be more satisfactory than mother.
  • Job or working field remains congenial until, August. The months of September and October might bring opportunities for new job.
  • Business remains improved until, the month of August.
  • Income, by the grace of God will remain high until, August. Inflow of money might reduce in the second half.
  • Expenditure will increase since, September.

Libra Zodiac = Sun sign + Moon sign + Rising sign + Planets signs

The Sun, Moon and rising signs are three important factors in a horoscope of Libra, which might be identical as well as different too. If all those three factors are found identical in a chart proves to be the native a very powerful and decisive person.

Important analyzed features of Libra horoscope

Monthly prediction of Libra incorporates aspects of Libran life like; health, vital energy, chronic disease, parasitic infestation, honor and recognition are highlighted. Libra money, wealth, success in academic field or higher studies are also given importance. Libra politics, gambling, spirituality and time for religious inclination is also pointed out. Libra love, spouse, life partner, love life, conjugal bliss, extra-marital affair, separation and divorce are analyzed. Libra children or kids, filial affection, pregnancy, good month to conceive and time of conception for baby would be of great help. Libra parents and their health, father and his economy, paternal blessings, health of mother and time for increase of maternal affinity is focused. Libra finance, career, job situation or employment field, overseas venture, secret service, rewards from working field and distant missions are described completely. Libra business investment and profit, earning or income and expense or expenditure is included.

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Libra Monthly Prediction

February 2016

Health will run with satisfaction along with a note of further improvement since, February 14. Academic and domestic situation will remain congenial. This will be a month of transition ensuring financial growth. Spouse will have good health and steady financial condition. Love life will remain vibrant this month. Health of children will be no issue; however prospect may trail. Couples opting for baby may not find this month befitting for conception. Health of father needs attention; however his economy will improve gradually. Health of mother remains well this month and her economy exists strong in the first half of the month. Job situation remains satisfactory this month; however possibility of getting new job assignment may not seem to be strong. Business will run with satisfaction; however profit will increase steadily. Income, by the grace of God will exist steady, consistent and ever increasing. Expenditure will not be a cause of concern.


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Existence of water is possible in each and every planet except the Sun and the Uranus.
Asish Kumar Das, 16th September 2007