Leo Horoscope 2014, Vedic Sun Sign

Leo horoscope
Birth Date: July 23 - August 22

Leo astrology begins with brief introduction of the fifth Zodiac sign, the second fiery as well as the second static or fixed sign of the Zodiac cycle extends from 120 degrees to 150 degrees and is symbolized by the king of animals, Lion. This sign is controlled by the Sun. The Sun takes little more than 30 days to decline through a Zodiac and 365 days to complete the entire Zodiacal range of 360 degree. The Sun, being the ultimate source of energy initiates life on earth. The Sun may not be an absolute static object, when it declines the cardinal zones of the Zodiac which brings about, change in weather. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and enjoys maximum heat to augment motility and represents honor and offspring in human life. Sun has direct impact over blood serum and upper abdomen in human body. According to Indian astrology, auspicious position of the Sun makes a person, intelligent, fair, healthy; moreover ensures name, fame and success. Leo signifies upper abdomen of the Zodiac body. This is general criteria of this sign in control of the Sun, although, any planet can perform the job depending on their position in a horoscope. Free Leo horoscope predictions online according to Vedic astrology are furnished below.

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Annual Horoscope 2014

  • Health will remain fine; however little declination might be felt in the months of October and November respectively. This will be one of the best years for all round prospect in every aspects of life altogether. A lot of ambition will come into fruition one after another this year on or before, the month of November.
  • Spouse will have good health; however lower parts of the body should be taken care of until, the month of October. Expenditure of spouse may increase remarkably during the second half of the year; however income will be geared up since, the month of June onward.
  • Love life should remain satisfactory during this year excluding the months of November and December respectively.
  • Children will have good health and will start to improve since, the month of July onward. Academic progress of the children will be outstanding. Couples opting for baby may find the months of January and February better to conceive.
  • Parents will have good health; however mother will be seen in a better condition than father. Health of father will improve gradually since, the month of August onward.
  • Job or employment field will remain congenial this year. The months of July and August will be glorious for job as well as for the new job seekers. Working field may remain shabby in the month of October.
  • Business health will remain well; however extra investment might be required for its expansion and growth in future.
  • Income will soar high until, the month of June. Expenditure may rise a bit since, the month of August.

Important Features of Monthly Horoscope

Monthly prediction of the Zodiac signs incorporate the salient aspects of a human life like; health, wealth, success in academic field or higher studies, fascination to politics, gambling, spouse, wife or life partner, love life, conjugal affinity, extra-marital affair, separation and divorce, children or kids, good month and time to conceive for baby, health of father and his economy, paternal blessings, health of mother, her financial situation and religious inclination, Situation in working or employment field, rewards from job, distant missions, business and profit, earning or income and expense or expenditure respectively.

Monthly Forecast

August 2014

Health may not remain fine during the first half of the month; however it will improve gradually after, August 17. Past flow of comprehensive development in life may reduce to some remarkable extent. Health of spouse may remain better than the previous month; however expenditure may increase a lot. Very cautious movement is suggested for the spouse this month. Love life will remain satisfactory. Children will have improving health after, August 7 and they will be highly motivated to excel in studies. Health of father will remain well and his financial situation will improve a lot. Mother may not have good health this month; however her income will increase a lot. Job situation may decline after, August 8 and distant mission may have to undertake during that time. Business health may need serious attention along with profitability. Income, by the grace of God will start to improve since, August 13. Expenditure may increase since, August 29.


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