Job Horoscope 2014, Annual Employment Forecast

Job horoscope is the derivative of job astrology which deals with employment forecast of the Zodiac nativities. Indian astrology will be focusing here the planets responsible for employment for different Zodiac signs. Likewise, employment horoscopes of Aries and Taurus run with control of the planet, Saturn and Uranus respectively. Jupiter controls vocational prospect of Pisces and professional horoscope of Gemini exists under the influence of Neptune respectively. Mars controls employment astrology of Cancer and Aquarius respectively. Venus is responsible for career astrology of both Leo as well as Capricorn. Mercury empowers employment astrology of Virgo as well as of Sagittarius. Career prediction of Libra known to be dominated by the Moon and the same of Scorpio prevails in control of the Sun. Employment forecast of Libra is made depending on the position of the Moon. Position of tenth lord in the ninth house enhances international placement in some foreign land for the irrespective class of nativities. Zodiac position of 270 degrees, which mean, the 10th house of every sign is considered the sign of work. Free online job horoscopes prediction of the Sun signs derived from Vedic astrology are furnished below.

Annual Job Forecast 2014

Following are the employment forecast for all the Zodiac signs based on Sun sign astrology. Yearly forecast of employment situation is made on the basis of Indian astrology by the employment astrologer, Asish Kumar Das.

Aries Job Horoscope 2014

Aries employment may face difficulty until, the month of October. The field of work may not remain truly congenial and it is suggested not to be involved with the colleagues of the opposite sex. The months of July and August may seem to be little favorable when some may get new assignment; however situation will come in favor gradually by the end of the year. Those who are in secret service, may find the calendar beneficial after, the month of September. Finance will look up gradually after, the month of October. Expenses will remain remarkably high. Arian job preference is likely to be skilled with machinery as well as metallic industry and in quasi Government.

Taurus Job Horoscope 2014

Taurus job horoscope of the year says that, this will be a very fantastic year for career growth until, the month of October. The field of work will exist highly rewarding in defiance of little resistance from the colleagues. New assignment may come on the way since, the very beginning of the year. Employment situation may not remain in favor since, the month of November onward. Finance will remain stronger and expense will remain under control.Taurean job preference is likely to be static may be in financial sector in association with Government. Very often, they go for foreign opportunities, but they seldom become happy with such assignment.

Gemini Job Horoscope 2014

Gemini horoscope of employment of the year says that working field will remain good until, June 19 and will be better thereafter. This will be a fantastic year for career development. Wave of new work offer may start to evolve with high frequency since, August 4 onward. Subordinates may not extend their full cooperation. Income will be highly satisfactory and expense will remain in control. Geminian job preference is likely to be in telecommunication, hospital or medical organization where touch of water and presence of Government will be there to fulfill need of the people in every moment. They are fond of accepting overseas appointment, where policy of a state is implemented under strict governance.

Cancer Job Horoscope 2014

Cancer employment horoscope indicates, this will be a successful year in the field of work. The year will begin with favorable trend and excluding the time span since, February 5 until, March 25, all the time will remain in favor and that will extend until, July 13. New job seekers will be flooded with a lot of assignments out of which they can make their choice. Income will be satisfactory after, July 14 and will remain same until, September 4. Expenses will not make any concern. Cancerian job preference is likely to be in academic field like teacher or professor, investigator in the police department as well as researcher.

Leo Job Horoscope 2014

Leo employment horoscope denotes, this will be an amazing year for comprehensive success in the field of work. Remarkable career prospect will be assured until, the month of October. New and lucrative offer of employment should come on the way during the first half. Job seekers may find the months of July and August as a milestone. Working field may become little shabby since, the month of October onward. Financial situation will remain satisfactory until, the month of June; however expenditure will be negligible. Leonian job preference is likely to be in the financial institutions like bank, insurance, money lending and with land or real estate.

Virgo Job Horoscope 2014

Virgo employment situation of the year will remain, quite congenial until, the month of June. Those opting for Government service, may get on or before, June 19. Troubles and anxiety may get into the field of work since, the month of July. Situation may change a bit in favor since, the month of November onward. Income will increase since, the month of July onward. Expenditure too, will rise in the second half. Virgonian job preference is likely to be in sports, medicine and also in abroad as well.

Libra Job Horoscope 2014

Libra employment horoscope of the year denotes betterment in the field of work since, the month of July. Those who are opting for Government assignment may get lucrative offer since, the month of July onward. A lot of positive change may take place in the working field after the months of August and October respectively. Control of greed and bridling of unscrupulousness is highly necessary to ensure success in career. Income will remain steady and even may get augmented in the second half of the year. Expenditure will reduce in the second half of the year. Libran job preference is likely to be in education or academic field. Besides, they are well versed to work in business organizations.

Scorpio Job Horoscope 2014

Scorpio employment horoscope forecasts that, this will be a year of rewards, parks and benefits in the working field. Those who are working in financial or health sector may find the year highly rewarding. New work offer may come in the months of November and December respectively. Income will exist highly satisfactory and even may break all time records during the second half; however expenditure will remain very negligible. Scorpian job preference is likely to be related to name and fame. Besides, they are found to excel working in secret or detective agency.

Sagittarius Job Horoscope 2014

Sagittarius employment situation of the year will prevail highly stimulating during the second half as stupendous success may come at ease spontaneously with rewards and satisfaction. The months of August and September will be highly eventful and there will be great possibility of getting new assignment. Income will remain high until the month of October. Expenditure may increase during the second half. Sagittarian job preference is likely to be in medical as well as in religious field.

Capricorn Job Horoscope 2014

Capricorn career horoscope forecasts that intoxication of gambling will reduce by the end of the year. Working field will start to be reorganized gradually since the month of July. Those who are in secret service, may find the second half very beneficial. Religious preachers as well as the spiritual advisors may find the first half highly successful. Income will soar high by the end of the year; whereas expenditure may increase after, June 19. Capricornian job preference is likely to be in industrial business like, aviation and automobile industry. Besides, they are often found working as a pilot as well as a driver.

Aquarius Job Horoscope 2014

Aquarius employment field will exist congenial during the first half of the year. However, health risk will reduce a lot during the second half of the year with simultaneous rise of expenditure. Fantastic progress will be noticed in the working field in the months of September and October respectively. Stay away from dirty environments after, June 20. Income will be seen high until, June 18. Expense will remain high after, July 14. Aquarian job preference is likely to be in financial organization, scientific research as well as in intelligence service like in detective agency.

Pisces Job Horoscope 2014

Pisces employment situation of the year will start to improve since, the month of June 21 onward; however the second half would be very crucial in terms of health as there is fair possibility of getting poor health during that time. Employment seekers may remain assured to get breakthrough in the second part. Income will become more satisfactory since, the month of November onwards. Expense will rise significantly during the second half. Piscean job preference is likely to be in Government organizations; besides, they are found to be successful with lucrative overseas work opportunity.


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