Gemini Horoscope 2015, Vedic Sun Sign Forecast

Gemini Horoscope

May 21 - June 21

Gemini horoscope begins with introduction of the third Zodiac sign, the first gaseous or airy as well as the first common or dual Zodiac cycle extends from 60 degrees to 90 degrees and is symbolized by the Twins. Although Mercury is earthy and gaseous in nature, but due to the impact of the constellation of the Moon, water may exist in it and signifies courage and social contacts in human life. Mercury helps in formation as well as maturation of skin in living organism. Besides, Mercury has the key role on the function of heart and controls the respiratory and circulatory system in human body. According to Indian astrology, auspicious position of Mercury imparts intelligence, bravery and also offers a strong immune system, healthy body and helps us to excel in sports and games; but when afflicted causes skin disease and damage the entire immune system and represent the chest of the Zodiac. Mercury is the customary controller of this Zodiac horoscope. Enjoy, free Gemini horoscope predictions of every month and year online from Vedic astrology.

Annual Gemini Horoscope 2015

  • Gemini health will remain fine; however mild declination might be felt in the months of March and April respectively. Possibility of serious ailment could be ruled out. Academic and domestic matters might become the causes of concern. A lot of wealthy events will be seen this year.
  • Gemini spouse may have trailing health until, the month of July; however improvement could be expected thereafter. Income of spouse will remain satisfactory; however expenditure will increase a lot.
  • Gemini love life, on account of health may remain shabby during the second half of the year. New affair might be ruled out.
  • Gemini children will have good health with reduced stress and strain. Academic progress will be seen ordinary. Those who are opting for baby may find the month of December highly auspicious to conceive.
  • Gemini parents will have considerably good health; however mother will enjoy better health than father. Health of father might require serious attention particularly, against parasitic infestation. Mother will have better economy than father and will become more stronger gradually since, the month of August.
  • Gemini job or employment field will remain satisfactory until, the month of July. Health may cause hindrance on the way to a successful career. Job seekers may find the months of September and October highly beneficial as new offer may come on the way during that time.
  • Gemini business situation will remain vibrant round the year; however investment may remain high until, the month of July.
  • Gemini income will come in auspicious touch gradually. The months of March and April may bring better income than the rest of the year.
  • Gemini expenditure will remain in control, excluding the month of May.

Zodiac sign = Sun + Moon + Rising + Planets

The Sun, Moon and rising signs are three important factors of a horoscope, which may be identical as well as different too. If all those three factors are found identical in a chart proves to be the native a very powerful as well as highly decisive person. Therefore, all these factors need to be judged meticulously for a perfect astrological guidance.

Important Features of Zodiac Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Monthly prediction of Zodiac Gemini incorporates the salient aspects of a human life like; health, vital energy, chronic disease, parasitic infestation, honor and recognition, money, wealth, success in academic field or higher studies. Fascination of Gemini towards politics and gambling. Gemini spouse or life partner, love life, conjugal bliss, extra-marital affair, separation and divorce. Children or kids of Gemini, filial affection, good month and time to conceive for baby. Gemini parents and their health, father and his economy, paternal blessings, health of mother and maternal affinity. Gemini financial situation, spirituality and religious inclination. Gemini career, job situation or employment field, overseas venture, secret service, rewards from working field and distant missions. Gemini business investment and profit, earning or income and expense or expenditure respectively. Overall trend of a month will be reflected with a lucid expression and will be understandable at ease to irrespective viewers.

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Zodiac Gemini Monthly Forecast

May 2015

Health may not remain up to the mark; however distant mission may draw more attention. Academic and domestic situation may trail this month. This may be a time of poverty to the native. Health of spouse will be no issue; however financial situation may decline. This might be a critical month for many reasons, but spiritual inclination will increase for the spouse. Health may cause hindrance on the way to love. Couples opting for baby, may not find this month befitting to conceive. Children will have good health and filial affection will remain high this month. Academic prospect of the kids will be commendable. Health of father will remain satisfactory, but he should stay away from dirty environments. Health of mother will not be a big issue and she may get inclined to distant tour and travel. Stressful situation may remain same for mother. Working field will remain highly congenial, prosperous as well as rewarding too. Business health as well as profit will run with satisfaction until, May 10. New opportunity of business is quite possible to evolve this month. Income, by the grace of God may not seem to be satisfactory. Expenditure may remain high.


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Existence of water is possible in each and every planet except the Sun and the Uranus.
Asish Kumar Das, 16th September 2007