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Aim of this Website

Astrology is one of the oldest cultures of human civilization and considered the mother of all sciences. Vedic astrology is one of the ancient cultures of India which extended its periphery to south-east Asia and Asian sub-continent as a whole. Vedas means knowledge in Sanskrit which was initiated by the Aryans. Science of heavenly bodies is called Jyotisha Shastra in Sanskrit; Jyotisha means divine light or luster of heaven and Shastra means subject of diversity, i.e., subject of study which deals with celestial entities. Hindus used to practice Vedic horoscope since ancient time and was developed to the highest level of perfection. Discovery of lunar days (Tithi) were made to analyze planetary behavior even in a small fraction of time. Thus, Vedic astrology is also known as Hindu as well as Indian astrology. is one of the best astrological websites in the world which offers versatile astral aspects and benefits to the irrespective class of people. Viewers will love reports from various horoscopes along with tons of predictions which include yearly and monthly forecasts of the Zodiac signs. Moreover, potential information of some unique discovery of utilities are also incorporated. Astrological remedies against adverse planetary effects are also included. Thus, this website is the leader for catering of top class forecasts catered free online for personal use.

Astrology forecasts inevitable and lifetime effects of the planets on human life. In this website, astrology of India has been used to analyze world events with 100% accuracy. The stellar science has been used rigorously to remove misinformation and abuse of this great subject along with special emphasis on astrological remedy. The effects of the planets on us are so enormous and unavoidable that none of us can ignore just by disbelieving it. In fact, believers love abstruse science will feel more confident while the non-believers will find the truth on the soil of reality. Bringing utilities of Hindu horoscope for the mass use is the prime objective of this website, which is authored by the astrologer, Asish Kumar Das.

Contents in Brief

Annual forecast of Sun signs, Moon signs, and rising signs are furnished with analysis. Besides, monthly forecast of the Zodiac Sun signs like; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are also incorporated. Astrological forecast of job will be a worth reading to the irrespective viewers.

Personalized monthly lucky day, date, month and year are new and the singular discovery from Hindu astrology. Viewers get here auspicious span of time derived from individual horoscope. In this regard, population of the world has been divided into seven unique groups. Lucky date, month and year projection are the singular topics of this web-page. Love astrology will be an worth reading. Astrological prediction for business has been clarified with business horoscope along with relevant business queries.

Indian astrology is not limited, rather it can help us work better in sports and games for its qualitative development. Besides sports horoscope, viewers may love sports questions to satisfy their queries. Sports astrology will be an worth reading for the viewers. Astrological predictions for sports and games are a novel endeavor which assures qualitative development in sports. We have unique astrological theory for sports and games, simultaneously would assure that users will love and appreciate it.

Astrology teaches us the mathematics of life, with which one will understand as to how the planets exert their effects on one's life, i.e., body as well as on mind and also how precarious a life could be. Every individual negotiates a unique life which runs through a continuous and ever changing process under the influence of planetary world. Some of the common questions regarding definition and pertinent queries about credibility and positioning of occult science have been discussed with questions and answers.

Celebrities love astrological works and many of them sent appreciations and amongst them Honorable British Ex-Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair and HM Princess of Norway, Martha Louise were pioneer. There are millions of testimonials of people who love astrological works and are helped by authentic prediction in everyday life. Besides, astrological service is offered and some unique pictures are furnished for viewers perusal. incorporates unique astrological information in each of its pages, and by the grace of God, it has endeavored to bring about the secrets of astrology for mass use. We would love to say, what Astrocopia focuses today, the rests will think tomorrow. In addition, it promised to offer more and more new features of Indian horoscope since the beginning of its journey in the year 2007. The flow remained same in the years to follow viz. 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 as well as 2014 respectively.

Astrocopia possesses unique astrological content and has presence in almost all the leading social media like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and many others. Viewers love to connect us, may use the icons above.

Astrology is the Mother of all Sciences.
- Asish Kumar Das